Chiang Mai Tours To Golden Triangle Review

Chiang Mai ToursChiang Mai tours to Golden Triangle are extremely desirable and tourists flock to Thailand to partake in these excursions. Because the Golden Triangle borders Laos and Burma, it is accessible from many locations. However, upscale tours are much more popular because of their additional features and off the beaten path Thailand tourist attractions included.

The tour begins at your hotel where you are picked up by your English-speaking guide. From there, you travel through the most picturesque scenery imaginable to arrive at the Hot Springs in Maekajan, which also makes the list of things to do in Thailand.

In addition to the exceptional views and healing waters of the Hot Springs, there are also the local villages of Akha and Yao. Here you can spend time exploring the wonderful culture and people of Thailand.

The majority of Thailand travel packages include a boat ride down the Mae Khong River, where stunning green mountains and perfect beaches meet the sparkling, clear blue sea. If you are planning to spend at least a week in Thailand, be sure to inquire about this attraction.

One of the best ways to enjoy Thailand is to book a package with one of the Chiang Mai resorts; most are all inclusive and very reasonably priced. They include your accommodations, meals, transportation and a host activities and attractions to keep you filled with anticipation and delight.

Chiang Mai Tours also feature mystical experiences through visits to the temples where people gather from miles away to marvel at the amazing and glorious sites. There are even ashes from a royal family scattered there, along with the metal images of Buddha. Woodcarvings and murals surround the temples as well as ancient artifacts and combat weaponry.

Chiang Mai Tours focus on all aspects of Thai culture and in addition to the exquisite temples, you can also enjoy spending time at the Chiang Mai National Museum.

Planning to spend time in Southeast Asia should definitely include Chaing Mai tours. There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for the beauty and awe inspiring scenery you will experience.