Chile Travel: Easter Island Tours – Which One To Choose?

Easter Island ToursThere are many Chile tourist attractions that you will want to be sure not to miss. Among the most historical and interesting is a visit to Easter Island. This island was given its name when Dutch sea captain Jacob Roggeveen visited on Easter Sunday in 1722. Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 2200 miles from Chile. It is also owned by Chile.

While visiting you can enjoy many of the most famous archeological sites in the world. While the landscape of Easter Island small with many hills and virtually no trees, there is still many things you can enjoy during your stay. Easter Island has three extinct volcanoes and at least 288 enormous stone statues called Moai. You will be amazed at the architecture and history of this island.

Easter Island tours are available from a host of companies, but which one should you choose? It is difficult to discern between most, especially if you never visiting this area before. This is because Easter Island is not especially vast and can easily be overlooked with novice eyes.

Therefore, you need an experienced guide to uncover the little nuances of this island and to provide you with Easter Island facts, which can only enhance your visit.

1. Adventure Life – This is one of the most convenient Easter Island tours because it departs from your choice of Peru, Santiago, or Lima; it is five days long. Your guide takes you to Akahanga and Ahus Vaihu, a stone platform, which the locals consider very sacred. The next stop is Rano Raraku, which is a volcanic crater. It is why many people want to experience Chile travel, because of the natural wonders of the island. It is very impressive when you see it up close.

2. Legacy of the Incas – This is a much longer version of the Easter Island tours, which lasts 11 days. Many, who want an authentic and traditional look at this area, will enjoy this kind of tour. Not only will you have time to review one of the most interesting Chile tourist attractions, but you can also participate in an archeological dig and become part of the Polynesian culture. They provide you with all kinds of activities and allow you to participate in all of their ceremonies, while you’re there.

3. Orongo – This is a shorter version of the Easter Island tours; it only lasts two days, however, it is perfect for weekend getaways. What makes this tour so special is this part of the island consists of two places, Rano Kau and Vinapu, which focus on Inca styled ruins, rather than Polynesian. Unfortunately, you do not have access to the famous Easter Island statues, Moai.

4. Akivi – The Akivi tour makes Easter Island one of the best places to visit in Chile because the tour guide places most of the focus on the seven Moai and the astronomical significance of these statues. The majority of your day is spent right in this location, including a traditional dinner prearranged by the local inhabitants.

Whichever tour you decide to use is totally up to you but nonetheless you will surely get a glimpse of this fascinating culture.