Chile Travel: Top 10 Things To Do In Santiago de Chile

Santiago ChileWhen planning your Chilean vacation you will want to find a place that has many Chile tourist attractions. One of the best and most diverse places to go is Santiago Chile. Santiago is the capitol as well as the largest city in Chile with over five million people.

There are a lot of things to do in Santiago Chile ranging from visiting popular local attractions to doing different activities. You can spend your time exploring the local culture, listening to music and eating a variety of authentic dishes. Or you can also lounge around your five-star hotel or resorts, just relaxing in the sunshine. Below we provide you with top things to do while visiting Santiago.

1. Access Mount Aconcagua – This is one of the most popular Chile tourist attractions because of the location in the Andes, if you reach the peak, you can see all their beauty.

2. Spend time in the Bella Visa District – One of the reasons to experience Chile travel is the nightlife. The atmosphere is so laid back and the restaurants stay open very late.

3. Take a tour of the Chile Pre-Columbian Art Museum – One of the top places to visit in Chile due to this massive and very impressive art museum. It houses some of the oldest artifacts ever discovered.

4. Go downtown to the Plaza de Armas – Other things to do in Santiago Chile include reviewing the history of this exotic location. Nowhere else will you find more sites with historical value than in this area.

5. Experience fresh seafood – If you can find the Mercado Central in Bella Vista, you can sample the freshest seafood around.

6. Santiago Botanical Garden – This is a great site and many consider a visit here to be one of the most interesting things to do in Santiago Chile because of the beautiful flowers and woodland creatures.

7. Templo de San Agustin – This famous church has received a number of restorations over the past few hundred years. What makes it so special is the age; it was built in 1573. You can find several hotels in Santiago Chile, like the Hotel Espana, that overlook the church.

8. Teatro Municipal – If you love the opera or stage theater, this is where you should spend a night. They have several performances each year.

9. Basilica de la Merced – This is a place where most devout Christians travel because of the rumor of the relics from ancient times.

10. Palacio de la Moneda – This is where the heart of Chilean government reigns. It is of great importance to all history buffs, especially those who recall the occurrence in 1973 and the attack on the President.

You can find many hotels, bed and breakfasts as well as different ethnic restaurants. There are also discos, clubs, a museum and a university and an International airport. You will find no shortage of things to entertain you. Among the variety of things to keep you busy are hiking, skiing, snowboarding as well as a visit to the hot springs.