Circus Hotel Berlin Review

Circus Hotel BerlinRanked number two out of all the 5 star hotels in Berlin, the Circus Hotel Berlin is one of the top hotels to stay at. For a five star rating the cost of this hotel is very reasonable at less than $150 a night, and the modern plumbing and available amenities make this a popular choice for many travelers who visit Berlin. The price for a stay at the Circus may be only slightly more than the cost of cheap hotels in Berlin, but the experience will be completely different. The rooms are a bit on the smaller size, but this is true in much of Europe and is typical even in top rated hotels.

The Circus Hotel Berlin is located very conveniently, so that all of the major transportation options are nearby and there is plenty to see and lots of things to do in Berlin without having to spend hours traveling back and forth. The hotel is situated close enough to pubs and restaurants to be convenient, yet not so close that the crowds create a noisy atmosphere in th hotel. The service you will receive at the Circus Hotel Berlin is outstanding, with a staff that are very helpful and friendly and do not hesitate to answer questions or give directions.

The rooms and suites at the Circus Hotel Berlin are comfortably furnished and very tastefully decorated, and the breakfast buffet offered is very inexpensive but offers an amazing variety of different dishes and food types. Any travel Germany related that includes a stop in this city should include a stay at the Circus Hotel Berlin for an unforgettable night. The rooms and public areas are very clean and nicely decorated, and there is a courtyard outdoors for guests to enjoy. The showers are incredible at this hotel, with huge heads that provide a great flow of water.