Climbing Mount Rainier – What Is Needed For Successful Climb?

Climbing Mount RainierFor those daring adventurers who have the dream that includes climbing Mount Rainier, it is critical that you understand the importance of safety and proper gear to ensure a successful climb. After all, it was not that long ago that a tragic event struck a climbing group.

On the other hand, climbing Mount Rainier can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your lifetime and if you have the skill, willpower and nerve to attempt it, you will be richly rewarded. You may not have the opportunity to take a lot of photographs, but this is a one of a kind adventure, so leave the camera behind and just enjoy the ride.

Starting with the actual plan of climbing Mount Rainier begins well before you even reach the grounds. You must complete hours of research to ensure that you purchase everything that is required.

Remember, this is a much different activity from hiking Mount Rainier with the hundreds of trails to choose from and elevations that do not reach more than a few thousand feet. This is a serious undertaking and you must be physically and mentally ready.

Climbing Mount Rainier requires the following gear: Mountaineering boots, internal frame backpack, crampons, down-filled parka with hood, sleeping bag, layer base made from synthetic fibers, insulating layer, climbing pants, wind and waterproof jacket, wind and waterproof pants, trekking poles, ice axe, duct tape, 2 types of hats, gloves, socks and goggles. These are the essentials and it will take a bit of money to purchase the best quality.

Climbing Mount Rainier also requires a guide. This is someone who knows every nook of the mountain and can take you on alternate routes if the weather gets extreme or the current path becomes too treacherous to pass.

Once you arrive at Mount Rainier National Park, you are going to want to sort out your gear and decide what is the most important and what you can do without. This can make the difference between freezing, but also, remember that if you load your backpack down with non-essentials, you have to haul it around everywhere.

You should also consider the Mount Rainier National Park lodging options, both inside the park and while ascending the mountain. There are shelters including one cabin settled along the most common routes of the climb.

You may even want to stay at one of the Mt. Rainier cabin rentals because of their space and privacy. Many people need to have time to prepare for the experience and distractions can cause a lack of focus, which can be dangerous. Check out all of your options before you begin your climb.

The most critical object you will take with you during your climb is common sense. You must listen to your guide and pay attention. Do not take anything for granted and assume that you can go faster or further than others. Remember you are part of a team of climbers and each one relies on the other. If you can follow these simple guidelines, you can have a very successful climb up Mount Rainier.