Cologne Nightlife – Top 10 Hot Spots!

Cologne NightlifeCologne nightlife is as diverse as the people who live and travel to this city that has an eclectic combination of bars, clubs and restaurants. Depending on your style and the type of crowd you hang out with, you should be able to find at least a few to frequent.

Here is a list of the Cologne nightlife top 10 hot spots to get you moving in the right direction:

1. E-Werk – Is extra special. It is a hall that holds 2200, which serves as a club, concert hall, entertainment center and more. You can hear comedians telling jokes, or Bach played by the symphony.

2. Koln Messe – This has been popular since 1924, when it first opened. It is an exhibition center that hosts trade fairs, art fairs and more. Although it was rebuilt after WWII, it continues to attract all types of crowds. It’s not a club, bar or restaurant, but it has 14 halls filled with exhibits and this is why it remains so popular.

3. Blumengold Bar – Is close to 5 of the main hotels in Cologne Germany and offers a number of events on a monthly basis. You can listen to concerts or see exhibits. The food is top notch. You can order a full dinner or just a light snack.

4. Bootshaus – One of the top places to experience Cologne nightlife due to the international DJs who make their appearance nightly. The nightclub and bar are both open and roomy so you can dance without feeling crushed.

5. Biergarten am aachener-weiher – This is one of the best places to find beer in Cologne. It is very close to the center part of town as well as the university, so there are a lot of college kids around. However, the drinks are cheap and the food is fabulous. The Asian Art Museum is right next door too.

6. Arkadia – Cologne nightlife in this club includes the color red. It’s everywhere. On the walls, the stools and the furniture. It’s a laid back club with plush furnishings and a fountain in front. It almost reminds you of an 18th century brothel.

7. Bankers – This bar is similar to a London pub. Part of the Cologne nightlife includes mixing cultures in the food, music and people. The food is great and the drinks are excellently blended. You can find first-rate beers here too.

8. La Bodega – One of the places to visit in Germany for authentic Spanish food. As the name states, it serves tapas in a relaxing atmosphere. The drinks are excellent and the live Flamenco dancers are spectacular.

9. Alte Feuerwache – This is one of the things to do in Cologne at night, with a twist of culture to it. It’s a concert hall where the programs are broad-based. You can find a mixed crowd of old and young people and the stage is very large for excellent viewing of any production that night.

10. The Basement – One of Cologne Germany attractions for the young crowd that loves loud, live music. It’s called the Basement, because it is located in the basement of a church. However, the atmosphere is ripe for entertainment.