Colorado Travel Guide

Centennial state Colorado is one of the beloved destinations for winter travel in the US according to many travel guides. Its supreme geographical location in the middle of Rocky Mountains West makes for one perfect skiing location in the world studded with a multitude of Colorado ski resorts. Where California has an army of beach bums, Colorado has a huge community of ski bums that had been flocking here well before the MTV’s reality TV show “The Real World Denver” hit the screen. The terrains of Colorado are as diverse as its quickly changing weather, so make sure to pack a warmer jacket along with your swimming suit even if you are coming here in the middle of the summer. The state’s territory takes up the highest altitude zones in the US with its highest peak reaching up as high as Mount Elbert at 4,402 meters (14,433 feet).

Every day is a perfect day to plan for your next Colorado vacation. Every season is distinct and beautiful in the Centennial State 365 days per year. Be warned that some parts of Colorado, especially its Eastern Plains, are notorious for hail storms and even tornadoes, so expect the best and prepare for the worst by packing an extra layer of clothing and watching out for weather warnings.

Even if you are not a skier or outdoorsman you will still find plenty of Colorado attractions going beyond the scope of its majestic skiing slopes that we are going to guide you through below. Discover Colorado’s Wine Trail that is made possible in part due to state’s perfect climate for grape growing, its low humidity and high altitude regions. Colorado has a long standing beer brewing traditions that go back to the 1800’s. All the greatest specialty brews could be sampled at the Great American Beer Festival that is happening every fall in the capital of the state and a variety of beer sampling tours available statewide. The state is also well known for its artistic venues and incredible restaurants.

Below we present our compact Colorado travel guide packing up the best and most recommended sights for you to explore in the Centennial State.

Denver, ColoradoDenver is the capital of the state and one of the swankiest cities with a train load of stuff to do and see. There are several things that automatically come to mind when thinking of Colorado’s capital: cowboys, breweries, arts, great food and the best skiing playground in the world. Yes, the city has it all and is flaunting it with a great style. The Golden Triangle neighborhood is home to some of the most notable cultural venues, including Denver Art Museum and several performing arts theaters. At night by all means head to the LoDo area where the hippest nightclubs and bars are situated. If you are not much of a skier, do not worry the city will keep you busy no matter what. The local Skate Park is the best in the country offering great alternatives to skiing. Colorado has a plethora of small specialty breweries you will not encounter anywhere else in the country, try booking one of many brewery tours where you can learn about the process and sample their products.

Boulder is the city that is best known for free spirited and outdoor loving citizens. Skiers, bikers, mountain climbers, dog lovers and outdoorsmen of all sorts are flocking to the city in a continuous flow. The city is literally living outdoors no matter what the season is. Student crowds from the local University greatly add to the outdoor and party loving vibes of the city. The downtown Pearl Street packs a bunch of really good restaurants to please any palate. Rocky Mountain National Park located in relative proximity to the city center is the absolute number one attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and a true Mecca for Colorado vacationers. No matter if you are an avid walker, hiker or climber you will find it all here at the nature’s paradise. Try out Chautauqua Park that opens majestic hiking trails at the backdrop of Colorado Mountains. In addition, the city has a long standing tradition for all sorts of outdoor festivals and marathons.

Mesa Verde, ColoradoDurango is a small historical town at the backdrop of San Juan Mountains offering great activities for your next Colorado vacation. The town is also winter sport paradise because it’s located near major ski resorts in Colorado including Durango Mountain Resort and Mesa Verde National Park showcasing some of the best archaeological remains of Anasazi structures and cliff caves. The historical railway runs through the town and will take you to one of old mining towns of Silverton. The downtown Main Avenue is home to great eateries serving up all kinds of authentic Italian, Mexican and even Japanese dishes.

Colorado Springs is home to one of the world’s biggest natural hot springs pool that stretches across almost 2 street blocks. According to widely known Colorado travel guide facts, the pool was frequented by many famous people including the American President Theodore Roosevelt. Native Americans believed that the hot springs waters have incredible healing powers. The city is also the 2nd largest in the state that offers a laundry list of attractions and activities ranging from visiting its Fine Arts Center to visiting the Garden of the Rocks which are gigantic rock formations with peculiar names. Pikes Peak is, however, the most popular of all sights in the city opening breathtaking snow-capped mountain scenery. The Peak is accessible via several roads and hiking trails.

Grand Junction is Colorado’s wine making center. Just when you thought that Colorado is all about the mountains and skiing, our Colorado travel guide introduced you to the best kept secret of the state, its wine tourism. Once you grow tired from jam packed outdoor activities, you can unwind and relax here while learning about wine making industry and letting knowledgeable stuff guide you through a maze of sampling the best wine selections the Centennial state has to offer. Apart from wine tasting there’s still a lot more to explore, including its desert mesas beauty, fishing trips, horseback riding and even dinosaur museum journeys.

We hope that our travel guide has inspired you to visit majestic state of Colorado and explore the best that it has to offer.