Copacabana Beach Soccer – Why Is It So Popular?

Copacabana Beach SoccerRio de Janeiro sandy beach coast in Brazil stretches over 50 kilometers providing locals and tourists with great opportunities to surf, swim, snorkel and even play sand soccer.

Without a doubt Copacabana beach is among top popular beaches in Brazil drawing thousands of tourists and locals every year. Dazzling white sands, warm waters and great activities in the area only add to the great appeal of Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, if your consider a plethora of cheap hotels in Rio De Janeiro that will satisfy all levels of income, you will get one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. On the other hand, if you favor the luxury side of accommodations, let us recommend you stay at Copacabana Palace Hotel Rio de Janeiro. Here you can acquire fantastic Brazil vacation packages to include accommodations, spa experiences, city tours and many other great options.

You are not going to be bored in Rio with so many great activities to choose from, including Copacabana beach soccer. Why not try this fantastic sport out? Silky soft sand heated under generous Brazilian sun is a perfect surface for playing soccer and easy on you compared to grass if you happen to fall down.

Copacabana beach soccer history goes back 30 years ago when the first games were played on the sands of Rio De Janeiro beaches. Now both amateurs and professionals enjoy playing this game and even hold annual tournaments. 1992 became a historical year for Copacabana beach soccer when the rules of the game were officially recorded by the Beach Soccer World Wide Association. Over the last decade beach soccer has spread to the beaches and sand surfaces all over the world.

Copacabana beach soccer is so popular because it allows for great past time and staying in shape with friends and family during your Brazilian vacation.

Let’s hope that increasing popularity of beach soccer will help it become an official sport presented in the summer Olympic Games of the future.