Corcovado Mountain vs. Sugar Loaf Mountain Climbing Review

Corcovado MountainRio de Janeiro attractions are unique as the City itself. The natural beauty of this urban paradise is well preserved and shares space comfortably with skyscraper buildings of the modern Rio.

Rio’s two famous mountains attract many climbers that are not only challenged by various difficulty levels of the routes but mesmerized by astonishing 360 degree views of this magnificent City.

Corcovado Mountain is located in the Brazil’s Tijuca Forest National Park. The mountain holds the world famous Christ the Redeemer Statue drawing thousands of visitors and climbers every year. Climbing is especially attractive in the Corcovado Mountain area since it allows spectacular panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro and the Sugar Loaf Mountain located at the Guanara Bay, the sea point of entry into the city.

Corcovado mountain climbing can accommodate climbers of all levels by choosing one of many routes that suits your climbing level. Perhaps the most popular climbing route is K2 that opens climbers a 360 degree panorama of the spectacular city of Rio, Botanical Gardens, the Beaches, Maracana Stadium and many more.

Sugar Loaf MountainSugar Loaf Mountain is another popular climbing area for amateur and experienced climbers from all over the world offering over 50 various routes depending on your fitness level and experience. The most attractive route at the Sugar Loaf Mountain is Classical Line that is broken down into 3 separate climbing sections. Be advised about climbing the back side of the Sugar Loaf Mountain that is characterized by very rough and steep passes that should only be attempted by well experienced climbers. Your best option is to buy a ticket to catch a cable car on your way down since it is problematic if not impossible to climb down the back side of the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

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