Crater Lake National Park – Top 10 Things To Do!

Crater Lake National ParkCrater Lake National Park is almost too beautiful to put into words. You really need to experience this part of Oregon for yourself. Once you arrive, you will understand the phrase natural wonder.

The top 10 things to do in Crater Lake National Park are listed below:

1. Rim Drive – Crater Lake National Park is filled with scenic views of snow capped mountains and crystal blue waters. The best photo opportunities are available if you ride along Rim Drive.

2. Wizard Island – When Crater Lake weather is optimal, a trip to Wizard Island is perfect. A forest ranger takes you by boat to an area where you can see the entire lake. It is quite and serene.

3. Crater Lake – Named for one of the most exceptional Oregon National Parks, Crater Lake is where the nature-lovers flock.

4. Crater Trolley – If you love history and want to know all of the Crater Lake National Park facts, this is the perfect tour. The trolley takes you around the lake and the ranger tells tales.

5. Boundary Springs – There are actually 3 springs that all form one huge, clear running river. The entire area is surrounded by yellow flowers and this is a great way to spend the day hiking.

6. Pacific Crest Trail – This 33-mile trail is for those who want a challenge. You have superior mountain views that surround the lake.

7. Snowshoe Walk – Crater Lake National Park is a great place to visit during the winter. A guided snowshoe walk takes you along trails packed with freshly fallen snow.

8. Crater Lake Museum – Filled with almost a century of history, art and culture. The museum is a wonderful way for all to see the artifacts from decades ago.

9. Crater Lake Science and Learning Center – This is a perfect spot for the children. They will love to see all of the old relics and artifacts contained in this center. Learning becomes fun and exciting again.

10. Crater Lake Boat Tour – Crater Lake boat tours take you all around the lake and near the Rim Dive where you can really get a good idea of the size of the lake. You can view the abundant wildlife and watch the sunset.