Croatia Travel Guide

Zagreb, CroatiaWith part of the country on the Adriatic Sea coast and the other nestled among four other European nations sharing territory of former Yugoslavia, Croatia is a country with diverse scenery including mountains and lakes, and picturesque island paradises just waiting to be discovered.

Tourism in Croatia has been booming in the last 10 years, thanks to the end of the war and the many interesting places to visit throughout the land. Basically sitting in the middle of the country lays the capital city of Zagreb with its old world architecture mixing with eclectic spots like the Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum was awarded the Most Innovate Museum in Europe Award because of its inspiring mix of stories and items that are donated by regular people from around the world.

The Cathedral of the Assumption offers travelers to Croatia some of that aforementioned architecture with soaring 344 feet high spires, stained glass windows, carvings and murals, and along with the other churches and museums in the city show the history of the city and the nation itself. For those wanting a quiet and relaxing activity in the heart of the city, head to Jarun Lake. This area boasts nice walking trails, boat rentals, swimming opportunities and a beach area for picnics or just hanging out in the sun.

Dubrovnik, CroatiaAt the bottom of the country on the Adriatic Sea is the city of Dubrovnik whose Old Town has been deemed a World Heritage Site. The history of the city is shown in its architecture, many churches and the beautiful harbor on this walk that also includes many stores and restaurants for your enjoyment.

Tourists in Croatia can take a cable car up the mountain to see spectacular views in Dubrovnik or can choose a short boat ride to one of the many islands, including Mljet which is half National Park with two saltwater lakes and offers visitors the chance to discover the vast biodiversity of the nation.

Dubrovnik is also used as a port of call for Croatia on many Mediterranean cruises where travelers to Croatia via cruise ship can take in the culture and history of this European country with ease.

Up the coast from Dubrovnik is the city of Split where travelers to Croatia can take in the Old Spit’s architecture, narrow streets and cobblestones and see the main square or escape to Brela Beach with its gigantic rocks and crystal clear waters. Also in Split is the City Museum that is housed in the Papalic Palace and shows visitors stonework, coins, letters, weapons and furniture from bygone eras. Hvar Island is only a short boat ride away, but allows vacationers the chance to frolic in the turquoise waters and is a great place for go for a taste of Croatia’s nightlife.

Close to Split is the city of Trogir which has a historic site that offers tourists to Croatia a multitude of palaces, cathedrals, churches, courtyards and shops within the cobbled streets of the old town. People traveling to Trogir can also choose their own adventure so to speak as day tours are available whether you wish to cycle, kayak or rock climb to take in the surroundings in a whole different way.

Plitvice Lakes, CroatiaSituated in central Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a huge area dedicated to the environment and the enjoyment of it by natives and vacationers alike. Those traveling to Croatia owe it to themselves to see the park firsthand as it has 16 lakes that are formed with natural dams made from travertine. Each lake has a different hue depending on the sunlight, minerals or makeup of the water itself. There are trails and pathways around all of the lakes so tourists can get up close to them on foot, but you can also get out on them in a boat if you wish. The park also boasts a train ride and many waterfalls amid the lush surroundings that people enjoy hikes in during the summer months and skiing during the winter.

Since Croatia has a sizable coastline on the Adriatic, it stands to reason that there would be plenty of Adriatic Sea cruises to offer Croatia’s tourists. With 1000 islands sprinkled around, there are cruises that offer stops in many or a few at a time, depending on what you want to see and you can also charter a yacht or small boat to take you to a specific spot or two. Small vessels that only hold 38 people and that can easily maneuver around the area are a great way to see the islands and all their beauty up close. The islands offer water sports, beaches and places to snorkel and dive to heighten the Croatian vacation experience.

Croatia is a nation with lots to offer the vacationer who is looking for diversity and lots of natural as well as historical attractions. With 10 million tourists descending on the country each year, it must be doing something right!