Cruise From Hong Kong – 5 Best Itineraries!

Cruise From Hong KongTaking a cruise from Hong Kong can be quite thrilling, especially if you have a lot of time for discovery.
First, you must decide where your interests lie.

The Best 5 Itineraries to cruise from Hong Kong are listed here:

  1. 5-Night Cruise with Royal Caribbean – Manila and Xiamen Cruise – This is one of the most popular Asian Cruises. Departing at night keeps things fun and super exciting. Arrive fresh at the dock in Xiamen, China. The second day is spent at sea. Your next stop is Manila, Philippines for an entire day soaking up local color, including some really interesting foods. The return trip to Hong Kong takes one full day. No worries though, you will definitely see enough that you won’t feel like you missed anything.
  2. 8-Night Exotic Southeast Asia Cruise with Swan Hellenic – This is another one of the top Hong Kong cruise deals, if you can swing 8 days. Three days are spent on the open seas and the ports of call include: Xiamen, Manila, Kota, Singapore and Kinabalu. These are the most sublime areas to visit and this makes your trip extra special.
  3. 14-Night Orient/Far East with Holland America Line – 14 nights beginning in Hong Kong, but really considered one of the best Vietnam cruises with ports of call including Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu My, oh My!
  4. 20-Night Cruise with P and O Cruise Line – Includes cruises from Shanghai and Hong Kong. The ports of call include virtually all of South East Asia, which you should expect on a 20-day cruise. Hopefully, you won’t get too seasick.
  5. 17-Night Cruise with Oceania Cruises – The perfect cruise from Hong Kong, includes stops in Singapore, Xiamen, and Manila. Bring your wallets and spend a bundle. Everywhere you turn, there will be something to purchase, whether it’s food or clothing or even the latest electronic gadget. Since China is one of the largest exporters of high-tech computers, laptops and notebooks, it may be hard to resist.

Now that you see how exciting a cruise from Hong Kong can be, it’s time to get your passport and head out on the high seas.