Danube River Cruises – Visit Austria on Water!

Danube River CruisesDanube River cruises are a fantastic way to enjoy all the sights Of Vienna while you cruise down the river and have an enjoyable time. These cruises can vary greatly in the cost, itinerary, and length, and there is something available for every taste and budget. It is possible to see some of the most popular Vienna attractions from the river, and these cruises can include other cities and countries as well. European river cruises can include Vienna and the Danube River, as well the rest of Austria, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and other European countries. These vacations can be both exciting and relaxing, and the accommodations on some cruise ships can be very luxurious.

With the availability of cheap flights to Vienna, a visit to this area can be very affordable. Danube River cruises can increase the areas in Vienna and the attractions that you see and experience, and the Danube is one of the most beautiful and historic rivers in the entire world. Villages with picturesque charm can be seen on both sides of the river, and you will pass many historical sites with fascinating facts and history behind them. Danube River cruises will take you through the Wachau Valley of Austria, which is a narrow gorge in the river between the Dunkelsteiner Woods and the Bohemian Massif foothills.

Danube River cruises can include the village of Durnstein, which has historical significance because this is where the castle is located that was the prison of King Richard the Lionhearted in the year 1193. No matter where your cruise starts and stops there are many fine hotels in Vienna Austria to stay in as a base to enjoy the area, and some of these lodgings will fit almost any preference or budget. Another popular sight on Danube River cruises is the Schonbuhel Castle, which has stood for more than eleven centuries and was remodeled during the last century. You will marvel at mountains covered with trees, beautiful scenery, and vistas that are exquisite.