Day Trips From Shanghai To Suzhou, Xian, Beijing and Great Wall

Day Trips From ShanghaiA vacation to China would not be complete without day trips from Shanghai to Suzhou, Xian, Beijing and Great Wall. There are several you can select and they all have different features and benefits. To make sure you choose the right one, you will need to see the specifics.

You should also have an idea of the companies that offer day trips from Shanghai, as some offer more perks than others do. You may find a few that do not offer meals or require you to pay for your own.

The best day trips from Shanghai will take certain accommodations into consideration and have an all-inclusive package for you and your guests. This will allow you to focus on enjoying yourself, and not wondering if you brought along enough money.

– Suzhou Day Trip from Shanghai by Train – Suzhou Gardens is an exceptional place to visit for the day. The tour will begin when you depart Shanghai and arrive at the Suzhou train station, met by your guide for the day. You will be escorted to Tiger Hill and climb the hill to find more than 2,500 years of history awaiting you.

– Next, is the stop in the Lingering Garden, complete with man-formed mountains and a huge array of bonsai Trees. If you have an interest in seeing how silk is spun, you are in luck. The next stop is Suzhou Industrial Park, where you get to see the Suzhou Silk Factory and witness silk form from raw materials onto pure, high-quality fabric. Lunch is served, then, it’s off to the Hanshan Temple to continue sightseeing. Finally, your tour ends at Guanqian Street, where you will encounter all types of traditional Chinese shops and boutiques.

– 1-Day Trip to Xian from Shanghai – This is one of the day trips from Shanghai that will require a short flight. Once you arrive at Xian Airport, you are whisked away to Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horse Figurines. This archeological find is one of major significance as it contains 6,000 painted Terracotta Chinese Warriors, all life-sized. It depicts pure Chinese history at its finest. Next you will have lunch and move along to Big Wild Pagoda the Ancient City Wall. While there are many Shanghai tourist attractions, those in Xian are far more historic in nature and should be seen.

– Shanghai Beijing Shanghai Day Trip by Train – Considered one of the top day trips from Shanghai as you and your guests board a private car within the carriage of the train. Beijing has multiple sites including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Lunch is provided after leaving the Great Wall. If you request in advance, your guide can pick you up from one of the participating hotels in Shanghai, which will save you from finding transportation to the train station.

As you can see, these Shanghai tours combine both the history of China and the beauty of the landscape. The great thing is they are all one-day trips so you should be able to partake in any or all of them, if you choose to do so.