Death Valley National Park Lodging Options

Death Valley National Park LodgingThere are quite a few Death Valley National Park lodging options available; you can choose to spend your nights in formal hotels or camp outdoors underneath the stars.

The most popular Death Valley National Park lodging options are listed below:

– Stovepipe Wells is one of the Death Valley national park hotels that help visitors embrace the wonders and natural beauty of the region. The rooms are comfortable and charming and very low-tech. Cell phone will work, but that’s pretty much the extent of the present time gadgets. There are no telephones in the rooms and most do not have televisions.

– Furnace Creek Resort has two hotels, the Ranch and the Inn. Both are top Death Valley hotels. Additionally, they are both very family friendly and provide you with lots of activities when you are ready to try something new. They offer a golf course, a saloon, four restaurants and several retail outlets. They also have horseback riding and children’s playgrounds.

– Mesquite Spring Campground is a perfect example of Death Valley National Park lodging options, especially for nature lovers who want to experience outdoor living. They offer 30 tents and have flushing toilets and fresh running water. The site is open year-round and is comparably priced. Unlike most Death Valley lodging facilities, you do not need a reservation to camp here for the night or a few nights.

– Texas Spring is the best of all; they combine traditional tent camping with conventional RV camping. This is very important considering one of the main Death Valley facts is regarding RV’s. They are banned in many smaller campsites, so this is perfect for couples or small families.

You are now ready to take your list of Death Valley National Park lodging options and create the vacation you have been waiting for. No matter where you stay, you are sure to enjoy the natural wonders of this incredible destination.