Death Valley National Park – Top 10 Must-See and Do List!

Death Valley National ParkDeath Valley National Park is located in Southern California and Nevada. It is 3.4 million acres and teeming with wildlife and superb attractions.

The top 10 must-see and do attractions in Death Valley National Park are listed below:

1. Badwater, Death Valley – Perhaps the most popular attractions because of the salty pool, which, at the lowest point is -282 feet below sea level. The beauty of this region includes mountainous landscapes and rocky cliffs; it is also home to the small, blue Pupfish.

2. Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort – This hotel is more like a mini-village, complete with shops and unique bungalows. It is the perfect Death Valley national park lodging.

3. Flora/Fauna – The region is not desolate, in fact, there plenty of Death Valley animals to see during your exploration. The Pupfish, for example, calls the valley home and does not exist outside of the park.

4. Stovepipe Wells – One of the most interesting Death Valley national park facts surrounds this road which was the first into the area. It helped to increase the economy for the entire area.

5. Natural Bridge Canyon – The bridge and trail are on unpaved roads which require 4-wheel drive. Once you reach the bridge, the views are sensational.

6. Furnace Creek – This is the visitor’s center and offers a huge array of exhibits that focus on the history, plants, geology and animals of Death Valley.

7. Artist’s Drive – Perfect for anyone who loves a challenging drive. This one-way road is 9 miles long and filled with spikes and curves with a backdrop of extraordinary scenery.

8. Zabriske’s Point – Considered one of the most picturesque places in Death Valley National Park, this area features geological wonders and exceptional views. The sloping rock formations provide you with great photo opportunities.

9. Mosaic Canyon – Anyone looking to hike the valley will love this canyon. The trails are filled with challenging hills and deep descents. Bring your best hiking boots for the best results.

10. Keane Wonder Mill – If you enjoy Ghost Towns, this is the place for you. Complete with old mine shafts and an old mill. The roads are menacing and the broken down cable car system adds to the charm.

Death Valley National Park is an extraordinary place where you can go to see nature’s wonders. It is off the beaten path, but well worth the trip.

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