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15 Places To Visit In Japan – Tips From Locals!

The 15 places to visit in Japan are a perfect blend of different interests. You can remain in the capital city of Tokyo and be completely satisfied with the attractions and local

Top 10 Japan Tourist Attractions

Despite the fact that the country’s territory is only 4% the size of the US, it holds plenty of exciting Japan tourist attractions. Most first-time visitors may find Japan overwhelming and prefer

Top 10 Most Interesting Mount Fuji Facts

1. One of the most interesting Mount Fuji facts is that this volcanic mountain is actually three separate volcanoes, one on top of the other. The bottom layer is the Komitake volcano,

10 Most Amazing Himeji Castle Facts

1. Himeji Castle goes by another name as well, and that is White Heron Castle. This nickname was given because the castle has white stone, and perches on the edge of the