Diani Beach Resort Review: Pros and Cons

Diani Beach ResortThe Diani Beach Resort has a lot to offer if you are visiting this area of Africa, but there are a few drawbacks with this resort choice as well. Near Mombasa this resort and spa getaway is near the very center of a lush and tropical setting in the park. Siani Beach is also located right in the same location, so your stay is guaranteed to be memorable. There are other resorts to stay in, such as the Baobab Beach resort, but many tourists prefer Diani. When you weigh the pros and cons of this beach resort you will be better able to determine whether this resort is right for you and your vacation.

One of the pros for the Diani Beach Resort is obviously the beach, but there are many others as well. Kenya is an affordable place to visit, and it is possible to rent Diani Beach cottages at a very reasonable price. The resort offers a wide range of spa treatments for guests, so you can pamper yourself if desired. When you stay at this resort you can have a vacation which includes the beach and a safari in one. The infrastructure of the Diani Beach Resort is very well done, so you do not have to sacrifice any comfort.

There are some drawbacks with the Diani Beach Resort as well. In the warmer months the resort has a large number of guests, and things may get a bit crowded. This is true of most beach resorts in the area though, including the Bamburi Beach and others. Another downfall of the Diani Beach Resort is that it may be more expensive than some of the lodging options which are not in the resort area. When you travel Kenya on a budget you may be better off staying in lodging outside of the resort areas, because it may cost less.