Diving in Dahab – 5 Good Reasons To Go!

Diving in Dahab1. Affordable Prices – One of the reasons that diving in Dahab is so popular is the cost. Egypt diving holidays can range from fairly inexpensive to extremely costly, depending on where you dive and where you stay. Dahab offers prices which are affordable, and can be managed in almost any vacation budget. This is true of the diving costs, the price of food, and your lodging expenses.

2. World Class Diving Locations – There are a number of world class and well known diving locations, and this is a common activity for many tourists who visit Egypt. One of the favorite places is Dahab, because diving in Dahab offers a wide range of choices. There are dive locations which are ideal no matter how much or how little experience and training you may have. You can find a number of well qualified diving instructors who can help you learn or brush up on skills as well.

3. Diverse Variety of Underwater Plant and Animal Life – The range of sea creatures and corals you can find while diving in Dahab are amazing, and the underwater landscape in this area is exquisite. Fish species and underwater corals and plants make Dahab a beautiful and unique place to dive and explore, one that contains many sights which will thrill and fascinate you.

4. Numerous Fantastic Resorts – If you plan on diving in Dahab, there are quite a few diver friendly Dahab hotels and resorts to choose from in the area. Some are all inclusive, and some offer spa services and other luxurious amenities. No matter what type of lodging you are looking for during your stay in Egypt you will find it. One of the most popular choices is the Happy Life Village Dahab.

5. A Large Selection of Dive Schools – Diving in Dahab is popular for a number of reasons, and one of these is the sheer abundance of diving schools in the area. Dahab is one of the most chosen scuba diving locations in Egypt, and there are more than sixty dive schools that you can choose from for your instruction and training.