Egypt Diving Holidays – Top 10 Non-Diving Things to Do!

Egypt Diving Holidays1. Cruise The Nile River – The Nile River cruises can be a great side trip on Egypt diving holidays. A cruise down the Nile is an unforgettable experience, and can be arranged during your diving vacation.

2. See The Royal Mummy Room – Whether you are enjoying Marsa Alam diving or choose to explore another underwater location, one experience that you should not miss is a trip to the Royal Mummy Room, where nine royal mummies can be observed.

3. Shop In Cairo – Egypt diving holidays should include a trip through the markets and shops of Cairo. Treasures and many bargains can be found while you are relaxing with a day off from diving during your stay.

4. Relax At A Beach Resort – One of the top things to do while on a diving vacation is a stay at the Club Reef Sharm El Sheikh. This resort offers a luxurious stay where you can relax and allow yourself to be pampered.

5. Tour The Pyramids of Giza – All Egypt diving holidays should include a side trip to the Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are awe inspiring, especially once you realize just how the massive structures were constructed in ancient times.

6. See The Sphinx – The Sphinx is another attraction common for visitors who take a Sharm El Sheikh diving vacation, or dive in any other location in Egypt. This monument is recognized by people all around the globe, and is one of the seven wonders.

7. Take A White Desert Safari – Egypt diving holidays can include a White Desert Safari, whether you are diving in Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, or somewhere else. These desert tours can last ten days or longer if desired, and cover many miles of historic white sand desert in Egypt.

8. Visit A Necropolis – There are many scuba diving locations in Egypt, and no matter which one you choose there is sure to be an ancient necropolis located nearby. These are cities where the dead were placed, and they make an interesting side trip on any dive holiday.

9. Tour The Valley of The Kings and Queens – Luxor holidays should always include a trip to the Valley of the Kings and Queens. The tombs are a fascinating experience, and they can be a great side trip when you are not diving.

10. Visit The Egypt National Museum – Egypt diving holidays offer a great opportunity to see some of the history and antiquities that Egypt offers as well. The Egyptian National Museum offers a view of a wide assortment of artifacts and interesting history of the country.