Empire State Building Tours Review

Empire State BuildingThe Empire State Building is one of the iconic New York landmarks drawing millions of observers every year. According to Empire State Building facts, currently as of January of 2012 it is the absolute tallest building in NYC. Naturally, since it’s a major attraction, the wait to see it might take several long hours unless you purchase a “skip the line express pass” allowing you to go in front of the line for roughly double the regular price admission.

With many Empire State Building tours, it might be hard to know which ones are really worth it, so this article will shed the light on major tours for your consideration. The Empire State Building Observation deck is the most desirable among all attractions in the building situated on the 86th floor with second most popular being the New York Skyride located on the second floor of the Empire State building. High speed elevators take their guest to the 86th level at ground breaking speeds where panoramic views of NYC are magically unfolding in front of you. See if your family can pinpoint major New York attractions visible from the deck with the help of binoculars including The Chrysler building, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and even the Statue of Liberty.

Short on time? Pick one of the most basic Empire State Building tours including the deck and New York Skyride. This way you will be able to see 2 really important attractions all in one building. Start with seeing a NY Skyride a 30-minute visually simulated high speed adventure of New York sightseeing that will be unfolding in front of you on an 18ft high massive screen. By the way, the seats under you are also moving creating a very realistic impression of flying over New York that is sure to send butterflies in your stomach. Following NY Skyride, take an elevator to the 86th floor of the building to reach the Empire State Building Observation area. Be warned about a long wait and consider purchasing an express pass that will save you roughly 1-2 hours off your experience.

If you have more time to spare, you can choose Empire State Building tours that encompass other surrounding NYC attractions in it. New York Lights Night Tour is a 3 hour long evening tour providing a chance to marvel nighttime New York for unforgettable moments and photo opportunities against the Empire State Building. Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Madison Square Garden and many more are all included in this express tour of the city.

If you have the luxury to spend 3 freestyle days touring NYC, there’s nothing better than taking one of these Empire State Building tours. New York Double Decker 3-day Bus tour allows you to explore virtually all of NYC’s landmarks and include tickets to 3 major admission required museums or attractions for you to pick. Hop on and off the double decker buses that roam major bus loops around Manhattan, downtown and Brooklyn areas.

Our article on how to enjoy cheap things to do in NYC suggests you look into purchasing a New York City pass allowing your to see New York’s 6 main attractions at a steep discount of 47% that also includes Empire State Building deck as one of them.