Enchantment Resort Sedona Review

Enchantment Resort SedonaThe Enchantment Resort Sedona is a high class resort in Sedona, Arizona. This resort is much larger and has more accommodations than a smaller Sedona bed and breakfast. Another amazing part about this resort is the variety of activities and room arrangements. The vacation options at this fine resort offer a romantic getaway for a honeymoon, a meeting place for a business conference, or a family vacation spot.

If you have ever stayed at the Sedona Summit Resort, understanding the beauty and charm of a resort in Sedona is easy. Much like that resort, the Enchantment Resort Sedona is a home away from home in the beautiful red rock terrain of Arizona. Many of the hotel rooms have multiple rooms to make any group feel comfortable during there stay. Also, each of the rooms has a deck, which makes relaxing and watching an Arizona sunset easy!

There are multiple ways to enjoy the Enchantment Resort Sedona depending on your vacation needs and wants. With four different varieties of rooms, a spa, and three different restaurants, any of the Sedona vacation packages is complete in one location!

While staying at the resort, do not miss an opportunity to visit the Oak Creek Canyon. This canyon stretches over 16 miles. Along this 16 mile stretch of red rock, visitors can experience the flowing waterfalls or multiple streams. This canyon is a short trip away from this luxurious resort.

There are multiple reasons to stay at this resort besides of the luxurious rooms and beautiful grounds. Included on the grounds of this resort is a shopping center, a tennis court, and multiple family programs. Whether you enjoy reading about the history of Sedona, fitness and nutrition, or relieving stress and finding spirituality, the Enchantment Resort Sedona is a great place to experience the best of Sedona, Arizona.