English Channel Ferries Journey Review

English Channel FerriesWhether traveling for vacation or work, English Channel ferries offer a convenient and inexpensive means of travel. There are a number of ferries to choose from when crossing the English Channel to go to France or other locations. What sets each a part is the inexpensive fares, comfort and convenience, and ferry amenities that go along with this type of travel.

Some of the English Channel ferries offer food included in the price of your ticket. Food included in an already cheap ticket makes the ferry transportation appealing to the more budget conscious traveler. Other onboard amenities include a ferry gift shop, duty free shops, game rooms for the kids, and clean cabins for the overnight 18.5 hour routes. Young families can opt for two or four berth cabins complete with toilet and showers.

Food aboard the English Channel ferries is provided via small cafe, main restaurants, or self-service catering. Some of the ferries from Fishguard to Rosslare offer a smaller fare menu that is great for young families and children. The self-service catering areas are oftentimes more convenient for children or single mothers traveling with small children.

Ferries are becoming increasingly popular because of their lessened effect on the environment. The Pando Ferries are just one of many ferries that provide an eco-friendly means of travel. Less impact on the environment via air travel or automobile petrol use can have a lasting effect.

Fast speed ferries are also becoming increasingly popular especially for families with small children. The speed of the ferry ride is limited to just four hours depending on the destination as opposed to the common 18 hour rides. The shortened ride is less impactful on children and rooms or cabins need not be booked. Kids can be brought into the soft play areas or game rooms to keep them occupied during the journey.