Etosha National Park Camping Review

Etosha National Park CampingEtosha National Park camping can include a wide range of locations and accommodations, from rustic to luxurious given the setting, and this park is open all year long. The park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset each day, and there are four different rest camps available for guests who want to stay in the park overnight. All of the camps in the Etosha National Park with the exception of the newest one, Onkoshi, offers a gas station and a supermarket, as well as a floodlit waterhole for wildlife viewing around the clock. There is also a restaurant at each camp, along with picnic areas and a swimming pool. The Etosha Safari Camp is a terrific home base for safaris in the area, and this is true of all the camps in the park.

A vacation or trip that includes Etosha National Park camping means plenty of African wildlife and scenic landscapes. You may see elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, wildebeest, and possibly even black rhinoceroses. The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets with brilliant colors offer beautiful vistas, and game drives can be arranged around the clock. The Namibia lodges offer different levels of luxury depending on your preferences and budget, and guides are available to help you get the most from your Etosha National Park camping experience.

Visitors who have experienced Etosha National Park camping have excellent things to say, both about the park and the various camps and accommodations. The car rental Namibia service offers transportation suited to the rough African terrain, and the camps offer transportation on safaris and other expeditions as well. Etosha National Park camping can include all of your meals, as well as other necessities and amenities. Each camp in the park offers lodging that is clean and comfortable, and food that is both delicious and filling. The friendly and courteous service offered by the guides and other individuals at the camps is exceptional, regardless of which camp you choose to stay in at the park. Camping here is an experience that is definitely memorable, one you will want to repeat again.