European River Cruise – Top 10 Things To Remember!

European River CruiseSailing on a European river cruise is something many would love to experience during their lifetime and it is not very complicated to book as long as you have the dough and proper paperwork. However, there are still a few things you need to know before you schedule your vacation and pack your luggage.

The top 10 things to remember before you take a European river cruise can be found below:

1. Book in advance – Some of these cruises vary in price and availability, like the Rhine River cruises. Generally, they cost around $100 per day and hold approximately 120 people.

2. Flexibility is a must – If you can only get a week off, some cruises, like the Volga River cruises may be available for different lengths of time. You may be able to spend time cruising and perhaps a day or so on land.

3. Be particular with your selections – If you really want to spend time in one area, wait. You may be disappointed if you aren’t picky. For example, Danube River cruises may not be your cup of tea if you really want to float on the Rhine River.

4. Don’t decide based on price – Of course, everyone is excited when they first hear about all of the European cruise deals, but their may be a catch involved. When in doubt, ask questions about hidden fees.

5. Consider your lodging accommodations – A European River cruise is very different from a standard cruise and the rooms are much smaller.

6. Consider the climate – Know what time of the year is the best to visit. If you want mild weather with peak sight-seeing opportunities you need to book your trip accordingly.

7. Be prepared for limited entertainment – A European River cruise doesn’t have live entertainment, except for the native animals and they are usually pretty quiet.

8. Slow going – River cruises are slow, very slow. This doesn’t mean you will be bored, on the contrary, the slow speed allows you to really take in your surroundings and experience the land.

9. Don’t bring your kids – River cruises are really suited for people who want a peaceful journey along a serene waterway. Most people will be approximately 40 and up.

10. Activities are not always organized – You will be on shore practically every day, in several ports and there is not much time for fiddling around.