Galapagos Cruises – Which Ones To Consider?

Galapagos CruisesThere’s no better way to spend a carefree vacation in Ecuador than booking one of many available Galapagos Cruises. You literally do not have to worry about a thing; professional cruise operators have pre-planned many Galapagos Islands trips, provided non-stop onboard entertainment and activities. Picking from a zillion cruise options, however, could be tricky. This article will break down Galapagos cruises important factors to consider and find the cruise to match your true needs.

The first important factor to consider when planning your cruise Galapagos Islands vacation is what boat size will satisfy your needs and budget levels. Larger cruise boats offer more predictable service, cater to multiple customer needs, offer more spacious cabins and sometimes a rather impersonal service. Touring Galapagos Islands with large 20 people groups might be tricky and your guide might not be able to answer all your burning question. Many larger cruise lines take its visitors to very touristy place Puerto Ayora Galapagos, smaller cruise yachts offer more off the beaten path destinations and unique experiences. However, booking Galapagos Cruises on a larger boat will cost you considerably less compared to smaller private yachts. On the other hand, smaller private boats come with added benefits of more one on one communication with experienced nature guides, can take you to more exclusive Galapagos Islands tours that larger ships can not reach.

Another important point to consider in regard to Galapagos Cruise vacations is whether your ship offers diving on board activities that might be essential for true scuba diving enthusiasts. If you would love to schedule you cruise experience around scuba diving, opt for special diving boats like Agressor I and II Yachts, Deep Blue Yacht and Humboldt Explorer Yacht, just to name a few. Booking your Galapagos cruises with these particular boats will give a choice to you if you an avid diver. Those family members who would rather snorkel or go on land based explorations can also choose activities to match their liking.

Galapagos Islands cruise line prices mainly depend on the season you are choosing for your vacation. Keep in mind that summer months June through August and December, January are the most popular vacation times, fill up quickly and cost more. If you would like to save some money and still explore Galapagos Islands, try going off season.