Germany Travel Guide

Neuschwanstein CastlePlanning your next Germany vacation could not be easier if you take a look at our travel guide providing plenty of Germany travel tips intended to make your experiences pleasurable in many ways. Germany is a Federal Republic country that is located in the central part of Europe sandwiched between Netherlands from the west and Poland from the east between the Arctic and the Baltic Seas that let it enjoy a wide array of climatic influences from the seas and also Alp Mountains. Germany is divided into 16 diverse and multicultural states; each state in its turn is comprised with smaller districts. Each state offers its visitors a wealth of unique and very characteristic attractions and landmarks, cuisines, natural resources and cultural explorations.

When deciding when to go on your next Germany vacation, please take into account that ultimately the best time to visit this destination is definitely in the summer but early fall is also a good time allowing you to enjoy much cooler temperatures and less crowds. Many German travel tips suggest that you should pick off season travel times in order to land the best deals, book packages vs. buying your airfare, hotels and rental arrangements separately and signing up for deal alerts. Some travelers eagerly pay extra for booking Germany vacation during their favorite season or special annual Festivals that they are traveling there for.

According to the German travel tips that are eagerly dispensed by top notch Germany travel guides, no matter if you are traveling to Deutschland to sample world famous brew at the Oktoberfest, soak up the sun along the Alps, taste sausages, dumplings or kuchens, or visit a wealth of German attractions, you will find plenty of things to do here. When it comes to deciding where to go, please refer to our German travel guide below to help you decide.

BerlinBerlin is perhaps one of the first German destinations that comes to mind automatically that is a must to visit no matter if you are a first time comer or a well-traveled individual recommended by most travel guides. This city is an ever-changing, perfectly organized metropolis that offers so much to virtually all types of travelers, old and young, chic and funky. From Grand Opera, Art Galleries and finest museums to the hottest night clubs and restaurants and, finally, seeing the infamous Brandenburg Gate, this city is one of the gem destinations in Germany. Additionally, the capital of Germany hosts a plethora of Festivals annually that many tourists specifically come for, including its Film Festival, Berlin Love Parade and Berlin Marathon just to name a few. In this boisterous and bustling city visitors can get an insight of German history at the Jewish Museum or the Reichstag building.

Munich, the beer brewing heart of Bavaria, presents its visitors with a perfect mix of modern Western European city coupled with traditional Bavarian style villages. Its charming Bavarian hospitality is expressed by a variety of beer gardens, beer museums and beer sampling tours that are offered in the city. Our Germany guide would not be complete without mentioning one of world most famous beer fests, Oktoberfest. Do not forget that Bavaria could only be fully experienced if you come during the annual Oktoberfest that is happening for 16 straight days starting around mid-September. Beyond beer, the city boasts lots of attractions including Bavarian National Museum, German Museum and many more.

Hamburg is one of the most populated cities in Germany that is also an important trading port and a major economical and political center of the country. Coming to the city means that you will not only be surrounded with water everywhere as it sits at the Elbe River but you will also get immersed in the atmosphere of fine cuisine and a perfect nightlife setting. Here citizens enjoy their food as much as the travelers do by attending a multitude of fine German eateries mixed in with just as many small ethnic restaurants. The city port and lots of cobblestone streets taking you along the city are the main attractions that lure millions of travelers annually. Beyond good foods, visitors can attend the Art Gallery, Museum of Art and History and other attractions in the city.

CologneVisiting Cologne (Koln) is like taking a crash course on the history of Germany, its enormous multi-cultural and gastronomical heritage. Cologne serves up a perfect fair of medieval churches, architectural wonders artfully mixed with museums, fine art galleries, performance music venues and top notch restaurants offering authentic German cuisine. Any travel guide will recommend you see Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom) for yourself. This magnificent cathedral with its spires reaches to the skies are not only impressive from the outside, the inside holds even more historical treasures to be unveiled. From Ludwig Museum, Kolumba ruins to a Chocolate museum, Koln is a cultural gem of Germany to uncover.

Frankfurt situated at the banks of the Main River is the heart of the financial system of Germany. The city houses one of the leading stock exchanges and a plethora of financial institutions. This is one of the few cities in Germany that showcases some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country that house headquarters of major Companies and banks in Germany. Many visitors from all over the world come to attend a variety of international trade fairs due to its airport being ranked second largest in Europe and see city’s major landmarks including, the Main Tower, its famous Museum Street that presents some of the best museums in Europe, St Paul’s Church and many more attractions.

Dresden tucked away in the valley of the River Elbe has recently marked its 800th birthday. The city is blessed with breathtaking architectural creations including its castles such as the Stolpen Castle, Pilnitz Palace complex and Semper’s Opera House that is situated in one of the most impressive palace style buildings. This is the best place to see mesmerizing castles in Germany. Besides its architecture the city boasts a wide range of fine art galleries and exhibits that are widely known across the world.

We sincerely hope that our Germany travel guide has inspired you to set on one of many fantastic travel explorations of the country.