Glacier National Park Rafting Review – Where To Go?

Glacier National Park RaftingGlacier National Park Rafting is fun and exhilarating. You can enjoy the scenery while spending time soaring down the many waterways located within the park. But, where do you go for the best adventure? The majority of the tours all take place on the area called the Middle Fork located on the Flathead River. The North Fork and Clark Fork are a little less popular.

There are many different rafting tours to take advantage of; in fact, rafting is one of the top Glacier National Park activities.

In addition, Glacier National Park rafting can be completed in as a day trip, or you can choose much longer excursions. They average between one and eight days.

Some of the popular tours combine Glacier National Park hiking along with rafting. You have the opportunity to camp out and start new each day.

There are even times when your rafting and hiking trips will include a layover in a Glacier Park lodge. This usually means your tour will begin and end at the cabin. Every morning, you meet with your group and go for a ride in a different part of the park.

Glacier National Park lodging choices for rafting layovers also include various chalets. They are a little more elegant than cabins and are much more exclusive. Chalets are more for those who love to relax near a fire at the end of the day.

One area where Glacier National Park rafting is common is the Middle Fork. This is part of the Flathead region where white water is very challenging. It begins at the West Glacier and the abundance of wildlife and exceptional views are staggering.

Another one of the Glacier National Park rafting tours includes a trip into John Stevens Canyon. Once you enter the Flathead River, you will encounter Class 1 and 2 rapids; these rapids are the most turbulent. Those who choose this route will definitely get wet.

The North Fork is just as fun, but not as popular as the Middle Fork. This means you can actually spend more time away from the crowds. There is more privacy for those who choose to travel this part of Flathead River.