Glacier National Park Tours – Which Ones Are Recommended?

Glacier National Park ToursGlacier National Park tours are abundant, this can make it challenging for average vacationers to decide on which to choose. Because the park is so huge, most want to take advantage of every opportunity to participate in everything.

Luckily, depending on your level of adventure, there are Glacier National Park tours that should suit virtually everyone you bring with you. Regardless of age or physical condition, you will certainly have a great time.

– Crown of the Continent – If you have a high level of energy, Glacier National Park hiking tours are a great choice. This 6-day, 5-night tour includes full exploration of the popular trails, like the going-to-the-sun road as well as the Frank Slide. You also have time to spend in the backcountry.

– Evening Dinner Trip – This is a ½ day adventure spent on the Flathead River, combined with a riverside barbeque. You and your family will work up a hearty appetite paddling down the river. Once your tour ends, hop onto the banks and an enticing dinner featuring grilled fish, barbeque steak and savory chicken await you. As you enjoy your meal, you will receive a few Glacier National Park facts by your tour guide.

– Wild Side Inflatable Kayak Adventure – If you are looking for Glacier National Park history, this is the perfect tour. Using an inflatable kayak, you sail and paddle down the Flathead River while the scenic views unfold. The guide explains specific parts of the journey and points out all of the carvings on rocks and caves from the original inhabitants.

– Full-Day Fishing Adventure – Glacier National Park rafting is always thrilling, but you may want to spend your day on the water catching the ample supply of fish. Parts of the Flathead River are so calm that you can stand directly in the streaming water and watch the fish swim by.

– Full-Day Flathead Horseback Riding – Glacier National Park tours also include horseback riding. The trails included are perfect for spending time in the heart of the Forest. No experience needed for this day of fun. You will have some time with

– Saddle/Paddle Adventures – Glacier National Park tours are often combined activities. This tour includes ½ day horseback riding and ½ day rafting. It’s the best way to get to see a huge part of the park from two different perspectives.