Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Review – What You Are Paying For?

Grand Canyon Helicopter ToursSoar high above the 227 mile Grand Canyon by taking one of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours. One of the best features of the helicopter tours are the variety of sights that visitor’s experience. Tour companies also facilitate Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas for a day trip to the Canyon. Tours from Las Vegas are typically longer than the tours straight from the canyon. Tour companies begin their tours from many of the rims of the canyon and through tour packages.

If you would like to fly over the widest and deepest part of the canyon, take one of the helicopter tours starting from the Grand Canyon South Rim. This part of the canyon is known for its historical buildings as well as being the most geographically diverse part of the canyon.

A downfall of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours are their short durations. While some are only about 30 minutes long, they feature breathtaking views with a trained pilot. Prices are moderate for some of the tours, ranging from 70-125 USD per person. The best options for the helicopter tours involve multiple activities. While visiting the Grand Canyon, visitors may book many vacation packages that involve a helicopter tour, Grand Canyon rafting and a walk on the skywalk.

Views of the Colorado River are rare and distant while visiting the canyon. However, if you take a helicopter tour from the Grand Canyon North Rim, it may be possible to see the river. Take a look down from the helicopter on this tour and watch the famous Painted Desert pass underneath you.

The main thing visitors are paying for when they travel on the Grand Canyon helicopter tours are breathtaking views. Prices are slightly higher than some of the other activities while visiting the Grand Canyon, but visitors will not be disappointed with the variety of options that the tours include.