Great Rift Valley – Great Place for Outdoors Lovers!

Great Rift ValleyThe Great Rift Valley is a very popular destination for those who love the outdoors and fascinating scenery. This valley is actually a fissure or crack in the earth, it measures almost six thousand miles long, and is still being changed by numerous active volcanoes. These Great Rift Valley volcanoes are responsible for the many hot springs which can be found, some of which contain water at boiling temperatures. The area in and around the valley is lush, with many native plant and animal species, and outdoor activities abound for visitors. There are rivers, mountains, both fresh and saltwater lakes, and many other natural formations to explore and discover.

A large number of African safari vacations include portions of the Great Rift Valley, and when you visit you will be amazed at the landscape and natural habitat. Lake Nakaru is saltwater, and attracts extensive flocks of pink flamingos. The scenery all along the valley is a natural paradise, and an ideal location for a romantic or family vacation which is exciting and educational at the same time. Whether you are exploring the Great Rift Valley on an exciting outdoor safari, you came to the valley for the birds and wildlife, or you are interested in the fascinating history of the area you will not be disappointed.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then the Great Rift Valley may be the perfect vacation. Hiking through the lushly forested areas can make a travel Kenya vacation well worth the trip. There are also many water activities which you can enjoy while in the valley. Unique and interesting land formations from volcanic activity can be found in many areas of the Great Rift Valley, and there is an abundance of plants, flowers, and many types of wildlife and birds that can be found as well. This valley can be seen from the moon it is so large, and took thousands of years to create, so it is definitely a must visit.