Greek Island Cruises: Top 10 Islands To Visit

Greek Island CruisesWhile planning a trip to Greece, one of the best ways to be sure to see as much as possible is book one of the many cheap Mediterranean cruises that are available. There are many Greek Island cruises to choose from. These will range greatly in price, so it is important to be sure to do plenty of research before planning your vacation to Greece. Below is a list of the top ten islands to visit on your Greek Islands cruises.

1. Santorini – Visitors of this beautiful island will enjoy strolling through the quaint villages located on top of volcanic cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. There many things to do in Santorini such as visit the shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants. Guests can also enjoy the pristine beaches of Kamari with its impressive boardwalk, bars and restaurants.

2. Crete – This is the longest Greek Island and is magnificent with its beautiful mountain peaks as well as lush evergreen forests or pal groves. Visitors may enjoy the beaches, resorts as well as the historical archaeological sites of ancient cities.

3. Mykonos – During your Greek Island cruises, you can enjoy Mykonos with its young and hip atmosphere. Visitors may relax on the beautiful beaches or visit one of the many shops and galleries.

4. Skiathos – This is one of the most northern of the Greek Islands. Skiathos is known to have some of the best European beaches. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the pine hills or visit Skiathos Town with its modern shops and restaurants.

5. Naxos – This is the largest and most mountainous of the Cyclades Islands area of Greece. There are many fun things to do here including watersports such as sail boarding, visiting the tavernas or restaurants and cafés.

6. Sifnos – The main attraction of Sifnos is Platys Gialos which is a small beach village. Visitors may relax and take in the sights as well as enjoy the bohemian-artist atmosphere. There are many tavernas and cafés to enjoy as well.

7. Skiathos – Skiathos is the home to the popular and well-known beach of Vromolimnos. Visitors may enjoy a visit to the capital, Skiathos Town and enjoy visiting the many shops, restaurants and tavernas.

8. Corfu – This is where you will find some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches as well as many coves and caves to explore. The architecture of this island was inspired by Sicilian, Venetian, French and English influences. There are many wonderful places to visit such as the Square of the Saints, Palace of Saint Michael and the New Venetian Fortresses.

9. Hydra – While on one of the Mediterranean sailing holidays, this is a great place to come and relax and rejuvenate. The capital, Hydra Town is a quaint place to visit as they don’t allow any motorized transportation; most of their transportation is done by donkey.

10. Lesvos (Lesbos) – Tourists may enjoy the magnificent beaches and villages with their old-world charm. Mytilene is the capital and is a mix of modern and traditional where visitors can enjoy shopping, restaurants and cafés.

Whether you choose a traditional cruise or go with the yacht charter Greek Islands packages, you are sure to enjoy your vacation while enjoying the many Greek Island cruises that there are to choose from.