Hawaii Vacations Packages With Kids – What To Do?

Hawaii Vacations PackagesYou can find great deals on Hawaii vacations packages, especially for families with kids. It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you travel either. That’s because Hawaii has great weather all year round and exceptional prices for even the tightest budgets.

When you start thinking of the best Hawaii vacations packages, it’s probably a good idea to consider everyone’s level of adventure. This is the only way to ensure that you will all have a great time with plenty of positive memories.

Polynesian Cultural Center – You’ll definitely want to try to find a package that includes a tour of this center. The Super Ambassador tour comes complete with everything you need to fill an entire day. You’ll start with arrival and see a number of shows, presentations and in-depth history of the Polynesian cultures, which include the islands of: Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Aotearoa. Next, enjoy a tour of the island of Oahu on a sailboat. After the sailboat ride, you try to perform certain activities like the natives, such as tree climbing, throwing spears, making fire and learning how to cook authentic Samoan foods. The final activity is a canoe race. The day ends with a grand luau and evening show. This is considered by many to be the best of the Hawaii vacations packages.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – The great part of this package is you can book specialty lodging in cabins or campsites. Everyone knows that one of the most exciting places to visit in Hawaii is the volcano sites and this national park has everything. Hike the Kilauea Iki trail to the base of the volcano and spend hours in the “volcanic rainforest” with the your kids to keep you company. This is an area unlike any other with a massive amount of volcanic activity and tremendous scenery.

Hawaiian Helicopter Tours – The choice of helicopter tours generally include, fire and falls, or eruptions and waterfalls. You can see more in just a few hours flying overhead than you can by foot or car. The kids will absolutely love it. You can also book a more private helicopter tour that will also give you great views of the volcanoes, but afterwards provide a secluded landing area where you can disembark and hike a few trails, as well. The Hawaii vacations packages that offer these trips last between 50 minutes and approximately 3 hours.

Whale Watching in Hawaii – The best time to spot whales in Hawaii is between the months of November and April, and off Maui’s coastline. These enormous, but gentle giants return each year and can be the highlight for your family vacation. Most of the better packages are available at Ko Olina Marina. You can book in advance, which is recommended, and receive a discount too. In addition to Maui, you can also find experienced operators who offer whale watching from Big Island and Kauai. If you opt for the Big Island, they will take you along Kona Coast. Kauai will have boats docked off the North Shore, by Kilauea Lighthouse. If your kids are a little older, around pre-teen or teen aged, you might want to try snorkeling instead. Since the whales come very close by and are so huge, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot them. Just remember you will need a guide while in the water. The laws in Hawaii are extremely strict when it applies to whale watching. Even those on boats cannot come closer than 100 yards. You may have an advantage while snorkeling, but you will need to remember to keep your distance and follow the advice of the instructor.