Hawaii Whale Watching Season – When To Come?

Hawaii Whale Watching SeasonAlong with swimming with dolphins in Hawaii encounter, Maui whale watching is one of the most popular highlights of any perfect paradise vacation. Hawaii whale watching season starts when majestic Humpback Whales start their migrating journey from Alaska into the welcoming waters of Hawaii for the next mating season. Whale watching in Hawaii is especially spectacular due to increased activity of Humpback Whales that could be clearly seen frolicking and jumping high from the waters.

If you would like to participate in active dolphin and whale watching, plan your vacation way in advance to arrive during the peak Hawaii whale watching season, namely, February through March. Coming to Hawaii during this time will almost guarantee you spot some of these spectacular marine creatures for a perfect photo opportunity.

Besides knowing when Hawaii whale watching season occurs, it’s essential to visit locations that are most frequented by Humpbacks including such islands as Maui, the Big Island and Kauai. You can certainly pick other vacation spots, however, you might not see as many whales there.

Book a whale watching boat tour to get a real close-up look at these mammals, some curious whales are known to come really close to boats providing the ultimate experience for tourists.

Sunrise whale watching adventures are for true romantics at heart and are quite popular during Hawaii whale watching season among newly married couple. You can also spot some Humpbacks from multiple land observation areas scattered mostly around Kauai and Maui islands, however, you view is going to be very limited and you might be left disappointed.

For ultimate whale watchers, try venturing on a whale watching cruise where you can learn even more facts about Humpback whales and their habitat.