Hiking Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park Trail

Enchanted Valley Olympic National ParkHiking the Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park trail takes endurance. It is 19 miles long. However, if you can tough it out, you will see the best views possible.

Unlike shorter hikes, like the Hurricane Trail where Hurricane Ridge is located, you may want to stay the night and return in the morning or late afternoon.

The Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park trail begins at Howe Creek. As you walk along the path, it remains pretty constant and level. Rather than a paved road, it is constructed from gravel. This helps the feet dig in and maintain a good grip.

The other great thing about the Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park hiking trip is the view. The river travels with you. As you walk, you can revel in all of the majesty of wonders all around.

The closer you get to your destination you will probably begin to recall some important Olympic National Park facts, like the bears in the area. Just remember to stay alert and you will not be surprised. Make lots of noise and this should shoo any bears away quickly.

As the road ends, you will be at the entrance of Graves Creek Campground; the premier Olympic National Park lodging site because it is so close to the Enchanted Valley. Climb a tiny little hill and recover your trail.

Continue with your Olympic National Park hiking adventure and cross over Grave’s Creek. Another hill is ahead. Once you reach the top, which is 1300 feet you will begin a slow descend. This leads to Quinault River where you cross another bridge. This one is called Pony Bridge. Continue past 2 additional campsites, O’Neal and Pyrites.

Your Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park hike ends as you start to see the views before you actually reach the area. Cross one, more narrow bridge and you are there. You will know once you arrive because the path is pretty worn from so many travelers. However, the sights before your eyes will simply amaze you.

Remember, stay vigilant when it comes to the wildlife, dress appropriately and take as many breaks as you need.