Hiking The Narrows Zion National Park Review

The Narrows Zion National ParkFor most hiking buffs, the Narrows Zion National Park is one of the best hiking destinations in America. The exquisite beauty of the landscape accompanied with dramatic perpendicular walls make the Narrows one of the best places to visit for the outdoor adventurists.

Hiking the Narrows can be done in one day or on a leisurely backpacking trip. In fact, the Zion National Park backpacking adventures are sought from visitors all over the world. The hike is approximately 16 miles long and the average hiking time is just under 13 hours. Zion National Park Tours may be booked in advance to planning the hike and provide information regarding what to bring, how to dress, and the necessary gear required throughout the hike. Safety information is also provided.

The Narrows Zion National Park adventure is a strenuous route and it is suggested that those in average to above average shape participate in the hike. There are several areas that cross the river and rocks can become slippery. Swimming across certain points is often required. For the more experienced hiker, the Narrows Zion National Park is a fun and exciting adventure and keeps hikers coming back each and every year. The canyon is considered to be a slot canyon and offers a danger in flash flooding which keeps hikers on their toes. The best time to visit the Narrows Zion National Park is in mid-June to mid-September. The water is still very cold during this time of year, but with the aid of a wetsuit can be enjoyed.

Hotels near Zion National Park make visiting the area convenient and accommodating. After an all day hike it is nice to come back to a luxurious hotel and soak in a warm bath or outdoor Jacuzzi. It is no wonder why the Narrows is a premier hiking destination.