Hoover Dam Tours From Las Vegas – Worth It or Not?

Hoover Dam ToursA short 30 minute car ride or bus trip from historical downtown Las Vegas will take you on one of the most amazing Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas. If you have an extra day to spare in Vegas, it’s well worth it booking one of the bus or even Las Vegas helicopter tours to Hoover Dam.

During one of Hoover Dam tours form Las Vegas you can learn very interesting Hoover dam facts, namely, how it operates and why it is considered one of the most spectacular engineering creations of the 20th century.

Travelers can choose from a myriad of Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas depending on available time, personal budget preference and level of interest. For the most budged conscious travelers who are willing to drive to the Hoover Dam attraction, tickets to view the Hoover Dam power plant and walking bridge tours are available at very modest prices. For individuals willing to splurge a little more on fully guided tours providing more information on Hoover Dam and other Las Vegas attractions, below we provide a break down of the most basic Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas just to give you an idea what is available.

Bus Van Hoover Dam Tours are perhaps the most basic and moderately priced experiences that are definitely worth taking. Most tours offer a bus or van pick up directly from the hotel of your choice following a picturesque drive heading towards Boulder City, Nevada. Depending on the tour you pick, you will have an average of 2-3 hours to tour the Dam observation deck, walking bridge and even visiting the Power Dam power plant exhibits and learn curious facts about Hoover Dam attraction.

Hoover Dam Combo Packages are the most fun and combine various ways of exploring Hoover Dam and Lake Mead along the way. Consider booking a Hoover Dam Discovery and Lake Mead cruise packaged price at around $110 per traveler. This particular tour includes 90 minutes of Hoover Dam exploration area followed by an exhilarating paddler wheeler boat adventure letting you see the majestic man made Lake Mead and Hoover Dam from an entirely different stand point. Delicious lunch is served right at the 3-level paddler wheeler boat to elevate your experience.

Helicopter Hoover Dam Tours are the most luxurious ways of exploring Hoover Dam area that are priced accordingly. However, if you are celebrating a special occasion and want to wow that special someone, taking one of many helicopter tours are a must. Most importantly, you can pick a tour that combines visiting not one attraction but several like Grand Canyon, Colorado River and many others located in relative vicinity from Las Vegas.

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