Hotel Renasa vs. Hotel Sidi Saler Review

Hotel Sidi SalerHotel Renasa vs Hotel Sidi Saler: When all the pros and cons are evaluated which one is a better choice? To determine this you will need to look at each factor for both hotels, and make your comparisons from there. Both Hotel Renasa and Hotel Sidi Saler offer decent rooms at a very reasonable rate, so they are both equal in this aspect. Neither hotel is right next to most of the local attractions, and the Hotel Sidi Saler is situated outside of town. The Hotel Renasa offers bigger rooms in most cases, and both hotels can be a great and relatively inexpensive way to see bullfighting in Spain, as well as many of the other great Valencia attractions. Some of the travel websites have listed both hotels as five stars, but in truth they are actually around three and a half to four stars. Neither offers resort spa services or luxury beyond your wildest dreams, but you will get friendly service, a clean room, and comfortable furnishings combined with pleasing decoration.

Hotel RenasaOne area where the Hotel Renasa received much better reviews, even from locals in the area, was in the cafeteria and food department. Unlike the Hotel Sidi Saler, locals near the Renasa frequently stop in for the delicious and inexpensive meals served in the cafeteria of the hotel. Both hotels are around a half an hour away in walking distance from most of the Spain landmarks, but there is public transportation available if walking is a problem or you prefer not to. Another option is the Vincci Lys Hotel if neither of the others are suitable, but you may end up spending more for your stay. As far as the service is concerned, many previous guests of the Hotel Renasa reported being pleasantly surprised at the level of friendly service received. Guests at the Hotel Sidi Saler also reported great service, but the free breakfasts at this hotel were not as good or as substantial. Both hotels have pros and cons, and it all depends on what your specific preferences are.