Hungary Travel Information: Top 10 Must-See Places!

Hungary Travel Information1. Budapest – Any visit to Hungary would not be complete without a trip to Budapest. There are so many things to do in Budapest that no one will be bored or unable to find something they enjoy. The beauty and atmosphere of this city is unbelievable.

2. The Danube River – The Danube River is a big attraction in Hungary, and you can take advantage of Budapest vacation rentals situated right on the river. Failing to see the Danube River while in Hungary would be an incredible loss.

3. Lake Balaton – Lake Balaton, Hungary, is known as the place to vacation, and offers the largest freshwater lake in Europe. Lush landscapes, thermal baths, and numerous spas also add to the attraction this spot has for visitors to Hungary.

4. The Aggtelek Caves – According to Hungary travel information one of the places you must see while in Hungary is the Aggtelek Caves. A reputation as the largest cave system in Europe, you will find varying difficulty levels on the paths through the system.

5. Szentendre – Within a day of the Budapest hotels, Szentendre is a must see for visitors to Hungary. Although considered a typical tourist attraction by some, this area has a lot to offer regardless.

6. Eger – The Hungary travel information literature shows that Eger is a terrific place to visit while in Hungary. This city offers beautiful landscapes, perfect for hikes and biking through the countryside, lots of fascinating history, and there are many wineries in the area as well.

7. Tokaj – Home of the Tokaji wine, Tokaj, Hungary is a must visit for any wine enthusiast. White wines are abundant, and there are boat rentals and bicycle rentals available so that you can explore the surrounding areas and river. Tokaj is also an affordable place to visit.

8. Visegrad – A royal palace and many other attractions make Visegrad, Hungary, worthy of mention in any Hungary travel information. The landscapes are exquisite, and there is plenty to see and do while in this historic town.

9. Esztergom – Located on the bank of the Danube River, Esztergom is noted in most of the available Hungary travel information as a must see. This city has held special significance for the Catholic religion for over one thousand years.

10. Kecskemet – According to many past visitors of the Hungary travel information Kecskemet, Hungary, is a must visit location. Known for museums and historic buildings and locations, this city offers a fascinating glimpse into the distant past of Hungary.