Ireland Travel Guide

County KerryIf you have never visited Ireland and come to associate it with just green shamrock, leprechauns and sparkly ale flowing at Irish Pubs, you might be surprised to read our travel Ireland guide and learn that Ireland is a multifaceted travel destination that offers so much more than its common cliché icons we come to readily associate with this country. Our Ireland travel guide presents some very useful Ireland travel tips to help you plan your next visit to the Emerald Isle.

Ireland is an island country situated in the Northwestern part of Europe that enjoys relatively mild oceanic climate and plenty of rainy days throughout the year similar to its Eastern neighboring country, Great Britain. The Irish landscape is a true feast for your eyes and is blessed with abundance of vegetation, lush meadows, mountain slopes and ocean views that are present at several various habitats and ecosystems.

Many Ireland travel tips have it that the best season to visit the country is the summer, especially due to Ireland’s generally mild temperatures during the months of June through August that do not climb higher than 90F and make it very comfortable for visiting. However, it’s usually impossible to find decent Ireland travel deals in the summer with price hikes reaching their top levels and some tourists opt to come here during the spring or fall that usually come with cooler temperatures and much rainier weather. If you are looking for the best Ireland travel deals and you do not mind the cold weather with occasional snow, our guide recommends you schedule your next Ireland’s vacation around December or February.

Ireland’s centuries old culture and religion have made a tremendous impact on country’s architecture, art, literary heritage and even science. Many tourists coming to the” Isles of Saints and Scholars” are seeking to get in touch with rich and diverse history of the country that have seen its share of influences that helped shape its magnificent cultural heritage. How can you maximize your week or two that you might have at your disposal and make your vacation enjoyable?

Many travel guide gurus recommend that you start your cultural and historical exploration of the Emerald Isles from the capital of the country, Dublin. Among famous Ireland tourist attractions that you will find here are a plethora of museums and art galleries, cathedrals, historical buildings and one of the oldest in Europe castles.

The capital of Ireland is home to many significant museums and art galleries holding unique artifacts that are many centuries old. Among such museums, our travel guide recommends you visit the National Gallery of Ireland that boasts impressive pieces from European masters from various historical periods. National Museum of Ireland features rare historical facts and artifacts that tell the story of Irish struggle for independence and how various cultural influences helped shape Irish history. Additionally, Natural History Museum is another significant attraction that should not be missed helping visitors learn about the past of the country through its exhibits of flora, fauna, artifacts and objects.

Our travel guide would not be complete without mentioning famous castles in Ireland that are some of the oldest surviving medieval structures in Europe and are highly coveted among locals and visitors. Some of the well known castles in Ireland that draw the most tourists are the Blarney Castle, Kilkenny Castle and, of course, the most famous historical site on the Emerald Isle, the Rock of Cashel that is an important landmark of the country in itself.

As to religious sites, our guide suggests St Patrick’s Cathedral that is recognized as the main church in the country that receives millions of visitors annually and is deeply intertwined in the modern life and history of the country. Besides the St Patrick’s Cathedral there are many more churches you should visit that include St Mary’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral, just to name a few.

There are also some very curious places to see in the country, including Kilmainham Gaol prison museum that presents its visitors with very interesting walking tour along jail hallways and imprisonment chambers that housed thousands of Irish patriots throughout the years. Museum of Childhood is another attraction that has gathered a very curious collection of toys dating back to the 18th century that many collectors will find amusing.

While in the capital, our guide suggests you visit world renowned Guinness Brewery that makes its dark and sweet ale that you can sample right there after a brewery tour at the top of Guinness Storehouse that offers its visitors unsurpassed panoramic views of the city center and its vicinity.

Giants CausewayWhen it comes to visiting Northern Ireland, caution should be exercised due to political unrest that has been recorded in this particular area of the country. Make certain to check US Government travel advisory pages for Ireland travel tips prior to booking your vacation to ensure safety and enjoyment of your family. Despite political instability in the past and occasional unrest in the present, Northern part of Ireland is a very popular tourist destination with a capital city of Belfast. Belfast offers plenty of attractions and sightseeing venues like the Belfast Castle, Grand Opera House, abundance of cathedrals and churches, but Belfast’s pubs and restaurants have earned this Ireland’s travel destination the most fame. Also it is the Northern Ireland where you can find unsurpassed tourist attractions like natural wonder Giant’s Causeway and famous Irish rope bridge Carrick-a-Reede.

If you are flying to Ireland from North America, your airfare could get quite expensive, so finding the best Ireland travel deals is a must. Consider booking your trip as a package that includes a combo of airfare, hotel and a car rental. It also helps for you to consider multiple air carriers and be flexible with the vacation dates and airports. Sigh up for an online airfare alerts that will e-mail you the best deals as they become available.