Israel Travel Guide

Jerusalem, IsraelAn Israel vacation can take you to some of the most religious places in the world and can offer centuries of history and culture from many religions all in one place. As it has ongoing concerns, citizens are reminded to take care when traveling to this region that in addition to the history is also teeming with beautiful beaches and coastal areas.

Jerusalem is the capital city and situated right about in the middle of the country. It is home to many Israel tourist attractions that are known world-wide such as the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. Both of these places are among the most sacred sites in the Jewish faith and are visited by thousands of the devoted each and every year. Temple Mount itself is home to many religious areas, including the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim temple said to be the location of Muhammad’s miraculous night journey to heaven.

The Jaffa Gate is one of eight gates within the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem and is made of large sand colored blocks. It is an interesting thing to see while on an Israel vacation as it is where those on pilgrimage from Jaffa would enter the Old City. The Tower of David Citadel is near the gate, and is another Jewish religious symbol.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is located in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem and is the site for important pilgrimages each year. It is the traditional site of the Hill of Calvary and the place where Jesus was buried making it an important place to visit for Christians.

The Mount of Olives is a mountain range that was used as a Jewish cemetery where today, thousands of graves can be seen. It is also a very sacred place for Jewish, Christian and Islamic peoples around the world.

Bethlehem is known the world over as the place where Jesus was born. Today, just 8km outside of Jerusalem, those on an Israel vacation can take in the actual site located near the Church of the Nativity which is part of Manger Square. This World Heritage Site is important to millions of people around the world who wish to stand in the place where their Savior came into the world.

Jericho, IsraelAn Israel travel guide wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the city of Jericho with the Wadi Qelt ruins set in the mountains which a trail leads visitors to the old Monastery where mummified remains are on display. The lovely surroundings also include meandering pathways around the ancient Roman aqueduct that is fed by three springs. The Mount of Temptation Monastery can be reached by cable car and is said to be the site where Jesus was tempted by Satan. Today, it is an Israel tourist attraction that is visited by thousands of people each year.

The Sea of Galilee is known to many as the place where many religious events took place like Jesus walking on water or where He calmed the storm and where He fed the 5000 people. There is a new trail called Jesus Trail that recently opened at the sea that is the largest freshwater lake in the country. Many other religious and historical events took place along the banks or in the waters of this lake located near Golan Heights in the Jordan Rift Valley.

When one is writing an Israel travel guide, one needs to include the Dead Sea. This definite Israel tourist attraction is so full of salt that you float rather than swim. At 423 meters below sea level, this lake is at earth’s lowest elevation on land and because it is so salty, there are no fish who call this sea home. The Dead Sea borders Jordan, located to the east of the country and the West Bank.

Tel Aviv, IsraelIf your Israel vacation brings you to Tel Aviv be sure to check out Neve Tzedek, an old Jewish neighborhood with quaint streets, cobblestones, boutiques, homes and tiny synagogues. Old Jaffa offers tourists an outdoor bazaar, historical sites, a wharf and boardwalk to enjoy while the White City is yet another World Heritage Site in Israel. Walking tours of the White City takes you through Bauhaus architecture and history as well as being a nice walk in the city.

In Northern Israel, and making great Israel tourist attractions are the city of Haifa and the beautiful beaches that can be found within. With blue sea on three sides, windsurfing, boating, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling are all available while sitting on the golden sand and catching some rays is fine as well. With so many beaches with different options from vendors to restaurants and gardens to boardwalks you are sure to find the perfect one to complement your Israel vacation.