Italian Cruise Lines – What Are Their Mediterranean Itineraries?

Italian Cruise LinesSome of the top Italian cruise lines have the most diverse Mediterranean itineraries you could hope for. One of the main reasons people choose a cruise over flying is because the journey is so tranquil and the waters are insanely beautiful.

But which one should you pick for your vacation? It can be difficult to decide unless you go to the pros and get some great recommendations. Luckily, you can find a good number of Italian cruise lines right here.

The majority of Italian cruise lines will provide you with quite a few shore excursions. Some you may be familiar with and some may be brand new.

Since there is more to see on Italian cruises than the standard tourist attractions, this is where your homework comes in handy. You must consider Europe as a whole and this includes other stops along the way, like Greece, Turkey and even Spain.

If you want to choose Italian cruises from Rome, you can pick the 12-Night western Mediterranean itinerary, brought to you by Carnival Freedom. This trip begins in Rome and travels to Sicily, Venice, Florence and Pisa. From there, you embark on another journey to Barcelona, Spain, Dubrovnik, Croatia and Cannes, France.

Italian cruises from Venice are just as fabulous. For instance, the 10-Day Adriatic Gems and Venice cruise provided by Seabourn Spirit takes you from Venice to Bari and then out to sea. The next destination is in Katakolon or Olympia, Greece, Santorini, Rhodes and then to Croatia. That’s a lot in just 10 days.

Costa Cruise Lines are the most popular and offer the most variety. Their 8-Day Adriatic and Aegean cruise departs from Venice and spends one day in Bari. You are then transported to places like Olympia, Greece, Izmir, Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey and Dubrovnik, Croatia before heading back to Venice. Talk about experiencing Europe! Now, that’s a vacation.

Even if you never thought Italian cruise lines traveled as far as Turkey or Greece, you should now have some things to really mull over. Make this the best vacation of your life.