Jamaica Cruise Excursions – Which Ones Are Kids Friendly?

Jamaica Cruise ExcursionsLooking for Jamaica cruise excursions that are partial to kids isn’t really that difficult. Depending on the age of your children and what you want to expose them to, there is plenty for them to do.

Most of your Jamaica cruise excursions should surround the water; this is something kids crave during hot weather. So make sure you know where all of the waterfalls and beaches are. Heck, even a swimming hole will do in a pinch; kids really don’t care as long as they can cool off.

In addition, since you were probably on a long cruise with swimming pools at their beck and call, your Jamaica cruise excursions would seem incomplete if they weren’t permitted to get their feet wet, so to speak.

Find fun things to do in Ocho Rios, like swimming with the dolphins. What kid wouldn’t want to partake in this type of activity? Even the smallest child will be safe in this environment.

Also, don’t forget about the most popular tourist spot, Montego Bay. There are literally dozens of things to do in Montego Bay with your kids, including, going to the Montego Bay beach. They will be amazed at just how blue the water really is. They should also see the turtle races.

If you cruise from Jamaica from Florida, chances are your kids will have an opportunity to stop in at least one city there, probably Tampa Bay or Key West. See if they have excursions to the Florida Aquarium or Lowry Park Zoo. This will get them in the mood for adventure early on during the cruise. Once they re-board the ship, they will already have had a good time. This should tide them over til the next stop.

Most Western Caribbean cruises cater to children in some way, but make sure the one you choose is super-kid friendly, especially for those who are traveling for the first time. You want their experience to last forever.

Center the majority of your Jamaica cruise excursions around your kids. Remember, as an adult, you have already spent time in a number of places in the world. This is really their time for fun.