Jamaica Travel Guide

Carnival in Kingston, JamaicaWhether it’s a spring break, a stop on a Caribbean cruise or simply a vacation to the sun, Jamaica is a lovely tropical oasis with plenty to do and see to make your trip one to remember. This island nation lies to the south of Cuba and to the west of Haiti making it a mainstay on many Caribbean cruises; they also have international airports and a multitude of resorts and hotels that cater to every traveler.

Kingston the capital city does a lot for Jamaica tourism boasting the majestic Blue Mountains. As the highest point on the island, getting to the summit gives you breathtaking views. You can take hikes, bike or take a guided tour along the many trails and visit villages and springs as well as jungle like foliage as you explore the surroundings of this great natural attraction.

Bob Marley is known the world over for being the father of Reggae and with his roots firmly planted in Jamaica; it is no wonder that travelers to Jamaica can tour his home. Built after he had made it big, this house is now a museum boasting a collection of items from the man himself, including music, his guitar, pictures, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia celebrating his legacy.

Emancipation Park is also located in the capital and serves as a monument to freedom with winding trails, parkland, live music and statues reminding locals and visitors alike of how far we have come.

Montego Bay, JamaicaMontego Bay, or ‘Mo Bay as it is lovingly referred lies across the island from Kingston and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches including Doctor’s Cave Beach with its calm waters and clean warm sand. Jamaica travelers can snorkel amid the beautiful reefs or scuba dive within the area and of course there is plenty of opportunity for lying in the sun or catching a bite to eat as well.

The Croydon Plantation offers tourists to Jamaica an educational and historical journey back in time. Tours including lunch and samples of locally grown fruit are included as are hikes around the property and a petting zoo.

Also located in ‘Mo Bay is the Half Moon Bay Equine Center where vacationers can go to take horseback rides on the beach. Also included, if you wish are opportunities to actually take to the ocean waters on the horse and swim with him on a once in a lifetime outing as you become one with the sea.

The Montego Bay Marine Park is a natural reserve with awesome scuba diving opportunities in an unspoiled setting amid the coral and marine life that abounds in the Caribbean.

Ian Fleming, the author of 11 James Bond novels actually wrote them in Jamaica, in a house he had built which he named Goldeneye. After falling in love with the island during a brief stop during WWII, he decided to move there once the war was over and the rest is history, James Bond style.

Ocho Rios, JamaicaJamaica’s tourism destinations don’t get any grander than Dunn’s River Falls. These impressive rambling waterfalls in the town of Ocho Rios make for a perfect backdrop for the beach below, and the climb is quite easy, despite what it may look like from the ground. Going it alone or with a guide makes for a unique opportunity and taking little breaks to enjoy the small pools and amazing views as you go simply must be done to be believed. Once at the top you are treated to a vast array of local artisans selling their wares in a market style atmosphere. Truly a remarkable way to spend the day.

Not far from Dunn’s River Falls is the White River where Jamaican travelers can take to the gentle white water on rubber tubes. The small rapids and little dips along the way only add to the excitement of the clear river that is lined with lush foliage and colorful flowers.

Dolphin Cove allows tourists to Jamaica to interact with dolphins, swim with sting rays, or even go on a glass bottom kayak ride, all in the same complex. There are also an array of lizards, iguanas, snakes and birds that vacationers can hold and learn about during their stay.

Inspired by the 1988 Calgary Olympic bid of the Jamaican bobsled team is the Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica complex which allows Jamaican visitors the chance to fly down Mystic Mountain on a bobsled, zip through the trees on a zip line and experience the Sky Explorer as well as the Mystic waterslide and infinity pool area. There is also a museum on the premises and an eco-friendly vibe throughout which lends itself to the beautiful and maintained surroundings.

Jamaica is a marvelous vacation destination where visitors can sit back and relax in tropical surroundings or learn something new while visiting one of the many tourist attractions. Swimming and lying on the beach are always options in this paradise in the sun, so enjoy, Mon.