Kakadu National Park – Top 10 Things To Do!

Kakadu National ParkKakadu National Park is located in the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory. One of the most interesting facts is the park is managed by the natives, Aborigines. They live on the lands and keep them as close to nature as possible.

The top 10 things to do in Kakadu National Park are listed here:

1. Yellow Water Wetlands – Kakadu National Park tours often begin with a trip to the wetlands. Here you can see hundreds of birds, reptiles and amphibians, up close and personal.

2. Nourlangie Rock Art Site – The perfect spot for soaking in local culture; while you walk with your guide, they will show you dozens of paintings etched into the solid rock formations.

3. Crocodile Hotel – A top Kakadu National Park accommodation region, this hotel is in the shape of a crocodile and has all of the modern comforts of home, including a supermarket and post office.

4. Gunlom – Located in the Southern region of Kakadu, this attraction features a majestic waterfall and reflecting pool. The grounds are surrounded by the rainforest and sandy beaches.

5. Jim Jim Falls – Jim Jim Falls is arguably one of the top Australia tourist attractions because it is as challenging as it is exquisite. Only accessible during dry months, the deep pools and 150-meter cliffs make this an awesome sight.

6. Ubirr – Located on the North side of Kakadu National Park, this area features rock art galleries dating anywhere between 100 years and 10,000 years old.

7. Batchelor Butterfly Farm – One of the most interesting things to do in Darwin, which is located at the entrance of the park, is visit the butterfly farm. This is there only sanctuary.

8. Scenic Flights – Helicopter flights provide you with a perfect view of the entire grounds and the inhabitants. You can also take a glance at all of the different wildlife stirring below.

9. Boat and 4-wheel drive tours – Boat tours are available year round and you can cruise the calm, cool waters of the East Alligator River. During the dry season, 4-wheel drive tours provide a safari-like guided tour.

10. World-class fishing – Fishing is allowed in certain areas and you can catch your limit of Barramundi, Spanish Mackerel, Black Jewfish, Golden Snapper and Shark.

Hopefully, this list of things to do in Kakadu National Park has inspired you to plan your next vacation. Now all you need to do is schedule the perfect time to explore this exciting wonderland.

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