Kangaroo Island Ferry Schedule and Prices Review

Kangaroo Island FerryThe Kangaroo Island ferry schedule changes, depending on the time of year and the number of visitors to and from the island. During the busiest season during the year there may be up to twelve ferry trips a day, and during the slowest times there may only be three trips each day. The first ferry of the day leaves from Kangaroo Island at 8:30 each morning, and departs from Cape Jervis at 9 in the morning sharp. This means making early Kangaroo Island tours is not a problem. A second ferry leaves Cape Jervis at 10 in the morning, and a ferry depart from Kangaroo Island half an hour later at 10:30. During the peak season the Kangaroo Island ferry may make other morning and early afternoon trips, depending on demand.

The evening ferry schedule only has one trip going either way at the slowest time of year. The Kangaroo Island ferry leaves Cape Jervis at six in the evening, and leaves Kangaroo Island at 7:30 at night. This schedule allows visitors many hours to explore the island, and to determine whether you want to find a Kangaroo Island accommodation and stay another day or two. Both of the ships used for the ferry service are large and modern, and offer a deck for dolphin viewing as well as many other amenities for passengers.

The price to ride the Kangaroo Island ferry depends on whether you are paying for a one way trip or you want a return ticket as well. The price also depends on whether you book and pay online or not. For an adult the one way online fare is $42 AUD, and the regular price is $44 AUD. A return or two way ticket is $84 AUD online and $88 AUD regular for adults. Not much more than the cost of car rental Kangaroo Island. Children under 3 years are free, and children from 3 to 14 years will pay $22 AUD online and $24 AUD regular for a one way fare. A return price is $44 AUD online and $48 AUD regular. Students get a discounted price, and pay $35 AUD and $37 AUD one way, and double this for a round trip.