Katmai Bear Viewing Tours in Alaska Review

Katmai Bear ViewingKatmai bear viewing in its uniqueness and intimate encounters with Katmai National park inhabitants could be only compared to exhilarating safari tours in Africa.

All Brown Bear enthusiasts and photographers will have a rare opportunity to witness Katmai bears along with other inhabitants of Alaska like wolves, otters, foxes and many species of birds in their natural surroundings.

Popular Alaska tours offer a wide range of choices to access remote Alaska areas that are considered the best for Katmai bear viewing like boats and small airplanes. On your way to meet famous Katmai bears you will be greeted by breathtaking views of the Alaskan coastline with its glaciers, volcanoes and majestic landscapes.

The best time to come for Katmai Bear viewing is starting early June through mid September when the temperatures are in their highest in cold Alaskan climate. During late June and July Katmai Bears are best seen among waterfall and lake settings where they feast on plump young salmon to fatten themselves up for the long hibernation ahead. Late July through August is a season for sweet and juicy berries attracting Katmai bears to the hillsides where you can view bear cubs playing and learning how to feed themselves.

While on a Katmai bear viewing expedition it’s important to remember that we are the guests at their habitat and should follow certain rules. Most viewing groups are set up in the open clearly visible to bears that are very curious and intelligent animals. Katmai bears might approach groups of people out of curiosity, it’s important to remain still and calm. Katmai bears are not aggressive animals and will not attack if your behavior is predictable to them; rest assured that trained guides will be there with you at all times to ensure your safety.

The short summer season for Katmai bear viewing dictates you book all your tours way in advance to get the best possible Alaska travel deals.