Kenya and Tanzania Safari: Top 10 Wildebeest Migration Lodging Options

Wildebeest MigrationThere are many wonderful places to stay if visitors of Kenya are looking to watch the great wildebeest migration. During this migration, spectators can watch the hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras migrate. It is truly a sight to see. It happens right at the Kenya and Tanzania border.

1. Keekorok Lodge – Keekorok Lodge Masai Mara is the first and best lodge built to watch the wildebeest migrate. You can sit in the bar and view the entire scene in astonishing detail. Because it was the first lodge built in the reserve area, Keekorok has the best possible location for viewing the wildlife.

2. Kichwa Tembo Masai Mara – The Kichwa Tembo camp is the perfect location to watch the migration of the wildebeest. You will have the ideal vantage to watch the animals cross the Mara River where crocodiles wait.

Governor's Camp3. Governor’s Camp, Kenya – One of the best places to stay while enjoying the migration is Governor’s Camp. Governor’s Camp has been in operation for over thirty-four years in Masai Mara, Kenya and comprises of eight award winning safari camps and lodges. The Governor’s Camp offers luxurious tents and a fantastic view of the wildebeest migration during some parts of the year. Each guest is able to enjoy an authentic African safari. Every guest can enjoy luxuriously appointed tented suites. Every tent is equipped with a private fully operational bathroom. From each suite, guests can enjoy the majestic views of the African wildlife such as elephants, lions and zebras. The views from each suite of the African landscape are absolutely breathtaking. There are also smaller and less luxurious camps operated by the same company which are less expensive.

Mara Sopa Lodge4. Mara Sopa Lodge – While planning an authentic African safari, there are many wonderful places to stay in. One of the best is Mara Sopa Lodge. The Mara Sopa Lodge is located on the slopes of Gloongams Hills and was one of the first lodges built in Kenya. Guests can enjoy the beautiful ethnic design set amidst a rich and beautiful landscape as well as colorful fauna. In addition to watching the wildebeest migration go right by your room, visitors may enjoy a swimming pool, guided nature walks as well as balloon safaris. Guests will be struck speechless by the beautiful African wildlife present around the Mara Sopa Lodge. This lodge is an excellent place to see the migration of the wildebeest, and the lodge blends in flawlessly with the natural surroundings.

Mara Simba Lodge5. Mara Simba Lodge – When you travel Kenya to see the migration of the wildebeest, the Mara Simba Lodge is a great choice of lodgings for this purpose. By choosing to stay at the Mara Simba Lodge visitors will have an advantage to enjoy the sight of many of the African wildlife such as lions and elephants. Guests will also have a front row seat to watch the great wildebeest migration. Each room at the Mara Simba Lodge overlooks the bend of the banks of Talek River. The Mara Simba Lodge is one of the only lodges in Kenya that is considered almost completely environmentally friendly. Visitors may get to participate in an authentic African safari. Guests of the Mara Simba Lodge can also enjoy the beautiful African landscapes amidst the wilds of Africa.

Mara Intrepids Club6. Mara Intrepids Club – If you are looking for the perfect spot to watch the wildebeest migration, the Mara Intrepids Club is the place for you. This beautiful club sits above a bend in the Talek River just a bit more than a mile from the Mara River. Guests will stay in one of the thirty luxury tent suites that are spread across a large riverside site which will afford privacy and peace to each visitor. Each room offers wonderful views of the African wildlife. Each room of the Mara Intrepids Club is beautifully and luxuriously decorated with large four poster beds and full size bathrooms with modern amenities. This place not only allows you to see the wildebeest migration, but they also bait leopards so that guests can view these animals over drinks.

Bateleur Camp7. Bateleur Camp – African safari vacations are all about seeing the sights of wildlife, and this camp offers them. You can watch the wildebeest migrate at a very close distance, and the sight will leave you in awe. Each guest will stay in a luxurious and elegantly decorated tented suite. Every tent is decorated in a rustic style to fit into the African surroundings. Bateleur Camp offers many wildlife adventure safaris as well as majestic views of the Masai Mara. You can wake up each morning to relax on your private deck and listen to the sounds of the birds and the monkeys all the while enjoying the beautiful views of the African landscape.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge8. Lobo Wildlife Lodge – The Lobo Wildlife Lodge offers excellent views of the wildebeest migration event. If you are looking for a wonderful place to enjoy the wildebeest migration, this is the place for you. This beautiful lodge was built in 1968 and was run by Tanzania government until just four years ago until it became private lodge. The Lobo Wildlife Lodge is set in an old-fashioned stone structure that fits in magnificently into the African landscape. Each room offers wonderful views of the African wildlife. While the rooms are practical and simple they are still very comfortable. The lodge also offers many safari packages so that guests may get a close up view of zebras, lions and wildebeests.

Sayari Mara Camp9. Sayari Mara Camp – When in Tanzania to enjoy the wildebeest migration, visitors can stay at the Sayari Mara Camp. This camp is located in the Serengeti National Park located on the beautiful Mara River. Guests may enjoy the beautiful African landscapes as well as the wildlife stroll nearby. The Sayari Mara Camp consists of eight luxuriously decorated tent suites that are meant to blend into the natural landscape. Each tent is complete with a private veranda where visitors can enjoy the peace and serenity of Africa. It is not in the least bit uncommon to spot lions, zebras, elephants and other wildlife grazing nearby.

Kleins Camp10. Kleins Camp – One of the best places to “participate” in the migration is at Kleins Camp in Tanzania. Kleins Camp is located in the Serengeti National Park and offers wonderful views of the African wildlife. Guests of Kleins Camp can enjoy a beautiful and luxuriously decorated room that also offer spectacular views of the African landscape as well as the wildlife. When planning a safari to Kenya, Kleins Camp is the place to go.