Killington Ski Resort – Top 10 Reasons to Go!

Killington Ski ResortThe Killington ski resort has over 140 trails that span 70 miles of the Vermont terrain. There are so many reasons to enjoy this Vermont resort. Visitors should know the best features of Killington before they book their vacation.

1. There is a snow making machine that facilitates snow growth at the resort! To ensure the best snow fall conditions for skiers, the resort uses a snow making machine that costs more than 5 resorts ski machines put together! It is energy efficient and will keep the slopes perfect for all visitors.

2. Like most ski resorts in Vermont, the Killington has a grand spa. This spa infuses the elements of beauty and relaxation into a mountain atmosphere. Whether guests need a massage, a facial or an hour in the sauna, this grand spa will pamper you for hours.

3. Nestled in the Green Mountain National Forest, the resort has picturesque views from every room. You can choose to stay in the managed lodging like the Killington Grand Resort hotel. This full service hotel offers a variety of rooms and gives guests prime access to the best slops.

4. The Killington Ski Resort has a variety of events happening every month. Visitors should check with the ski events and contests as well as the live music during the weekends.

5. The best peak on the Vermont Ski Mountains is located at this resort. Check out Skye Peak with the elevation of 3,800’.

6. Visitors can try a variety of ski passes while they are visiting the Killington Ski Resort. Determine how many days you want to ski plus the other activities you would like to participate in while on vacation. Then choose from the Unlimited Pass and below. Each pass level gives skiers a variety of access to the mountains and ski times.

7. The resort features an express option for skiers who come back multiple times a year. This pass is best for those who engage in a daily ski routine.

8. Beginning skiers can try a lesson before they hit the hard slopes. The ski instructors at the resort offer lessons and conferences to help visitors at any ski level.

9. If you are looking to get married at this resort, try one of the wedding packages. These packages offer lodging, ski rentals, and a place for the reception. The Killington Ski resort can help couples decide on the best option for their big day.

10. Skiing is not for everyone. If you want to indulge in other winter activities, try ice skating or a horse drawn sleigh ride. A variety of different activities are available for guests at the resort.