Kokoda Trail: 10 Things to Take on This Challenging Hike

Kokoda Trail1. Comfortable Hiking Boots – The Kokoda Trail is a rough trek, so you will need to make sure that the hiking boots you have are comfortable. Do not buy a pair and wait until the first day of the trail to break in the boots, because good foot care is important on this hike.

2. Extra Socks and Clothing – The Papua New Guinea rainforest can be very moist at times, so extra socks and clothing can mean the difference between completing the hike or injury and removal during the trip.

3. Snacks – The Kokoda Trail is a challenging trek that lasts days, and snacks will be vital for your energy levels. Most tours provide three meals each day, but you will also usually need additional snacks for the trail because of the hard physical effort required.

4. Water Purification Tablets or Equipment – Water purification is important, and these supplies can be found in Lae Papua New Guinea and other larger cities. It is not always possible to start a fire and boil water. So you will need another way to purify your drinking water to avoid illness.

5. Camera – If you are going to hike the Kokoda Trail, a camera is a necessity so that you can capture all of the exquisite beauty of the rainforest. Make sure that the camera is waterproof, or protected in another way from excess moisture.

6. First Aid Kit – A first aid kit is a must with Kokoda Trail tours. This trail is rugged and out of the way, and even serious injuries may be difficult to treat by medical personnel. It is not always possible for rescue workers to arrive within a few hours, and a first aid kit may save your life.

7. An Experienced Tour Guide – Hiking the Kokoda Trail is very challenging, and an experienced tour guide for this area can be essential. A guide will make sure you do not get injured or enter unsafe areas, as well as give you information on the tribes and native plant and animal species.

8. Required Vaccinations – If you are going to be trekking through New Guinea, there are certain immunizations that you will need. Make sure that these are received before you leave for your trip, to prevent malaria and other diseases while you are on the trail.

9. Camping Equipment – Hiking the Kokoda Trail requires more than one day, so you will need to take along the proper camping equipment, unless you have booked a tour which provides this equipment for you.

10. Alcohol Based Hand Gels – Sanitation is very important while hiking in remote areas, and alcohol based hand gels can help you keep your hands clean without any water needed. These gels can be found in the shops around Milne Bay, or any other city in New Guinea where stores are found.